President Obama -That’s not my job!

Posted on: August 4, 2011

This is getting better and better every day. I don’t know if White House Press Secretary Jay Carney knows that he is the spokesperson for the White House but lately he’s come up with some crazy stuff.

Take for instance what he recently said, “The White House doesn’t create jobs.” Huh? I thought Obama said that he does create jobs. But no, Carney goes on further to explain, “.. the government, together – White House, Congress – creates policies that allow for greater job creation.”

In other words, Obama thinks “that’s not my job” to create jobs. According to an article on Hot Air, the author says, “I don’t  remember Gibbs being quite so eager to share credit with Congress when unemployment was ticking ever so slowly downward, which the White House naturally attributed to jobs “created or saved” by the stimulus. I do remember Obama telling Matt Lauer shortly after the stimulus passed that if he hadn’t turned the economy around in three years; he’d be a one-term president. How come he didn’t tell us at the time that “the White House doesn’t create jobs”? Ah well. Now that it’s all but certain the economy won’t rebound in time to hand O an easy win next year, consider this a sneak preview of their new two-pronged campaign message. Prong one: Republicans are, if not terrorists, close enough to terrorists that they can’t be trusted to govern. And prong two: Responsibility for our ruined economy is much more complicated than you think, average voter!”

But then Carney tells us what Obama’s doing right now, today, to get some sort of new economic package going in Congress to address the urgent threat of a double dip. He’s having a cookout.

Yes, Obama’s really concerned about jobs isn’t he?

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