True colors from our First Lady

Posted on: August 9, 2011

Today the fallen Seal team from Afghanistan will be coming home to Dover Air Force base. President Obama cancelled some of his “fund raising” trips to be at the air base. But where is Michelle Obama? After all her major issue is to champion military families isn’t it? Or does she have other things more pressing to do?

According to Elisabeth Meinecke from Townhall, Michelle Obama is AWOL on this occasion. According the news releases Michelle Obama slipped out of Washington unnoticed on Monday for a secret trip to visit her brother, Craig Robinson at his home in  Corvallis, Oregon. He is the men’s basketball coach for Oregon State University. Now it is unknown if there was a family emergency or if Michelle Obama needed some “me” time. But with this devastating single loss for U.S. troops in Afghanistan happening over the weekend, you’d think that such a champion of military families would be with her husband supporting the grieving families and paying respects.

Or is this not a good photo opportunity for her and her causes? Because it was reported that journalists or cameras are not allowed at this solemn homecoming for our brave naval men. But then, that is how Michelle Obama rolls, if it doesn’t make her look good than she doesn’t want anything to do with any situation. Pretty sad coming from our First Lady don’t you think?


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