The notorious Dougherty Gang captured in Colorado

Posted on: August 11, 2011

If you don’t know who the “Dougherty Gang” was you must have been in isolation for the last week. These were three siblings on the run who committed crime sprees starting in Florida and finally ending up in Colorado. Because of their crime spree throughout these states, they were immediately put on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

The eldest was a sister age 29, Lee Grace Dougherty, who was an occasional stripper, her brother Ryan Edward Dougherty age 21, and a third brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley age 26. The brothers were drug users and one was a convicted sex offender. And by the way they were heavily armed with an AK-47 and other essential firearms that bad guys like to use.

But on Wednesday morning near the sleepy town of Walsenburg on the Front Range, they were captured. Now I know something about troopers who work with the Colorado State Patrol. A relative of mine is a trooper. Many times troopers will work overtime that includes traffic control around a construction area. Because the roads are state roads, State Troopers are used to enforce the speed limit around constructions sites.

This time, a brave and highly trained Trooper was caught in the high speed chase from the local sheriff’s department. Every State Patrol car has stop sticks in their car and was trained to stop the pursuit. He laid out stop sticks to deflate the car’s tires. When the vehicle hit the stop sticks it rolled off the highway. During the chase they were shooting at the officers involved in the chase. When Lee jumped out of the rolled vehicle she continued to shoot at the officers and the Trooper shot her in the leg. Her one brother
gave up at immediately but the second brother ran away. Police chased him down and arrested him.

At the end all three of the “Dougherty Gang” was apprehended. The three were taken to Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center in
Walsenburg, where they were checked for minor injuries before being transferred to Pueblo County Jail. Each is being charged with four counts of first-degree assault on a peace officer. And I’m sure other charges will be set once all the police agencies from Florida to Georgia and beyond finish with them.

All I have to say is – never mess with Colorado State Troopers. They are highly trained and professional and they will find you and
arrest you. Great job to our Troopers and I’m glad no one was seriously injured.


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