While “Rome” is burning Obama goes on vacation – again

Posted on: August 11, 2011

John Ransom’s article in Town Hall is spot on. It seems as though the “natives” are getting restless with Obama’s performance thus far as well as fed up with his presidential leadership.

As Mr. Ransom rightly points out the last time the stock market was spooked was when Obama decided to start a war with Libya and he was on vacation at that time. Obama went to Brazil for no apparent reason but a vacation. This was the same time that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was in full force as well as Obama’s decision to serve up cruise missiles in Libya. Remember we were supposed to be in Libya for weeks not months. Excuse me, it is August and we are still there – that’s months not weeks!

So now the stock markets are wobbly and our credit rating is downgraded by Standard and Poors and what does Obama do – go on vacation! Well to be honest our Congress is on vacation too but they haven’t accomplished much since January – too much partisan politics.

As Mr. Ransom points out: “We saw in that crisis the epitome of a failed presidency: the listless leadership, the lack of direction, the
lack of pretension in being presidential (or even pretending to be), disregard for the consequences of policy.  And the certainty that  vacations would always come first.”

He further says,” Look, it’s obvious that the president doesn’t have a clue how jobs are created in this country. But would it be too
much to ask him to understand how his own job works? The president may run out of supporters soon and have only donors left. Obama runs a real risk of someone from the Left taking him on. … some progressives are having buyer’s remorse over electing Obama.”

But then if Obama goes on vacation and the Congress on vacation there won’t be anyone left to screw up anything while they are gone!


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