Are Rock Stars jealous of Obama’s tour buses?

Posted on: August 15, 2011

According to an article on CBS News, the U.S. Secret Service bought 2 new buses ahead of Obama’s 3-day Midwest tour. The article was so whitewashed that I had to use antiseptic glasses to read it!

It talks about how the Secret Service would lease buses as needed and outfit them with the security and communications equipment as needed. But they weren’t satisfied with the level of protection offered by the leased buses. What kind of buses are these – lead covered and bullet proof glass?  And of course the cost to us – the taxpayers – was $1.1 million.

A spokesman says Mr. Obama views the outing as one of his “chief responsibilities” in office: “to spend some time outside Washington, D.C., talking to people all across the country about the economy and about how they’re impacted by the policy decisions that he’s making.” Why doesn’t he just wait until after the 2012 election, he’ll be spending a lot of time outside Washington, D.C.

This is right out of his Community Organizer’s playbook. Push back on the “little people” so they will agree with you. I hope he gets an earful from the “little people” and cuts his bus tour short. Of course the administration is justifying all of this. Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that such a bus trip “isn’t just an appropriate thing for a president to do, it’s something that a president should do.”

Can you imagine if George W. Bush did this? The main stream media would cry about the cost and how he should be in Washington D.C. doing the country’s business. But then of course, this bus tour is just another campaign trip for the 2012 election.  Why should WE pay for his campaign tour?

Of course, this article never divulges what the buses look like or what it contains. If only we knew what these buses look like, I would think Rock Stars would be jealous of Obama’s tour buses.


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