Governor Rick Perry bashing part deux

Posted on: August 18, 2011

Michelle Malkin is at it again! But this time she is disguising her bashing of Rick Perry with the reason that the Washington Post  wanted her to comment on her conservative concerns about Texas GOP Governor Rick Perry’s records.

If you want to read her latest article go here but to tell you the truth it isn’t worth your time to read it all. She claims that her criticism of Perry’s record was received with mixed feelings. She got heat for not falling in line with the latest GOP bandwagon. Some Texan readers defended him to the death out of what she calls “parochial loyalty.”  Oh my, doesn’t she have a sharp tongue? So
typical for Malkin you know. If you don’t agree with her you have “parochial loyalty” to your cause – give me a break Michelle!

But then she claims that the majority of responses have been positive. She further goes on to say that if we demand that Obama answer for the glaring discrepancies between his rhetoric and his record, we must do the same for our candidates.

What Malkin is missing is that Governor Perry has been very successful in creating jobs and growing the economy in his state. She can’t deny that almost half of the jobs created in the U.S. were created in Texas and by companies that received fantastic tax breaks to come to the state. More companies more jobs. Sounds like to me that Gov Perry cares about his state and his people in his state.

What more does she want? Perry to be a purist? We have a purist in the White House – a pure liberal/progressive and you see how that’s working out for us?

Michelle Malkin you have had a nice two day run with your comments so give Perry a break. As a matter fact, I rather read more articles from you co-writer Doug Powers. He writes straight forward and pithy – my kind of guy.


3 Responses to "Governor Rick Perry bashing part deux"

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