How to stop a car thief

Posted on: August 18, 2011

This is priceless!

A car thief in New York stole a minivan but quickly returned it to its owner. Why did he do this? Because the best deterrent was in the car – two kids and a poodle!

Here’s what happened. The father of the two boys parked his minivan outside a store to buy a leash for his toy poodle. He left the vehicle running. That’s when the not so bright thief decided to steal the car. I say not so bright because a minivan is not exactly a hot car to steal, but I guess the thief was desperate.

But when the thief drove off with a yapping poodle and probably obnoxious kids in the car he changed his mind. The kids claimed that the thief was mad that there wasn’t enough change in the change tray to steal the car. I think it was that the thief decided that he couldn’t handle the chaos in the minivan.

But it gets better – the thief dropped the car off at the owner’s house and left on foot. Now that’s a polite thief isn’t it? Or maybe a
thief that realized that he was stupid!


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Interesting read , I’m going to spend more time researching this topic

Great post , I am going to spend more time reading about this topic

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