Lurita Doan’s “Ten Reasons why Obama should be ashamed”

Posted on: September 12, 2011

Lurita Doan’s article, “Ten Reasons Why Obama Should be ashamed” on Town Hall is an excellent article where she doesn’t hold any  punches but tells the truth. She begins her article by saying that President Obama has now auditioned and won the prized position as the Billy Mays Infomercial spokesperson replacement. She also says that Obama’s refrains of “buy now-pass this bill right away” puts the Sham-Wow and Ginsu knife commercials to shame.

Her article continues with the 10 reasons why President Obama should be ashamed of himself. All of her 10 reasons are hard hitting and so true. Here are a few of the reasons: breathtaking hypocrisy and outright lies; misleading America’s young while loading them with crushing financial burdens; blame game and class warfare mongering.

You can see the entire article by clicking here.

She then ends her article by saying, “Shame on Obama..” Congratulations to Ms. Doan, she has the courage to speak the truth.


1 Response to "Lurita Doan’s “Ten Reasons why Obama should be ashamed”"

And kudos to you for bringing it to our attention. She destroys him with the stroke of her keyboard.

Blessings on you and yours
John Wilder

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