Emperor Obama still has no clothes

Posted on: September 15, 2011

President Obama is on the political bandwagon once again this week. He went to North Carolina to fire up his supporters to pressure Republicans to pass his Job’s Bill and of course promote himself to be reelected. He told his supporters that if they loved him, they must help pass his jobs bill.

Is this the way to promote his bill and get reelected by begging?  He further said that some Republicans were against the legislation because they wanted to deprive him of a political victory. Now this is getting down right pathetic.

He first commands people to do what he wants them to do – you must pass the bill immediately – and when that doesn’t work he starts begging people because he doesn’t want to be deprived of a political victory.

Is that how he looks at this economy and the American people as a political victory instead of providing good sound economic solutions to help this country?

Yes, indeed, the Emperor still has no clothes because people can see right through him. Once again, would you vote for someone who wants to raise your taxes? In the past no one was reelected because he wanted to raise taxes so he can “spread the wealth around.” This time should be no different.


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