More White House mistakes make them look dumber than a rock

Posted on: September 27, 2011

First Obama talks about 57 states, and then he slips up and says “jews” instead of “janitors” now his brilliant White House administration can’t even get geography right. Someone in his press office issued credentials to reporters and photojournalists who are covering Obama’s trip this week – his jobs campaign – to Washington State, California and Colorado.

The credentials even provide a nifty looking graphic highlighting (in white) which states the president will visit. You know for
those who are dumb and don’t know geography of the Western states. But it seems the actual dummies are the press office in the White House.

Instead of highlighting Colorado, which the president is visiting today, it shows Wyoming. Even a third grader can figure out the difference between Wyoming and Colorado. Once again, the White House is showing their intelligence – somewhere south of dumb.

As a Coloradoan I am enraged to see this kind of mistake. We Coloradoans are proud of our state and don’t want to be mistaken for Wyoming. Maybe the press office is missing Dick Cheney – you know he is from Wyoming!

Here is the picture of the credentials.

2 Responses to "More White House mistakes make them look dumber than a rock"

Can we say affirmative action hires. Don’t forget Obama’s brilliant use of the word navy CORPSEMAN instead of corpsman.
John wilder

A followup: Obama was the editor of the Harvard Law Review and never wrote an article or editorial in it, not done since or before.
John wilder

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