Thieves now stealing bridges

Posted on: October 6, 2011

From North Beaver Township, PA – bold and brazen thieves stole a 50-foot-long bridge last week. The bridge, around 20 feet wide, was in a wooded area along a railroad line in the township’s Covert’s Crossing region. The bridge wasn’t owned by the municipality and was not to have been used as a township road span. (That means no money from the Obama’s Jobs Program to rebuild this bridge.)

The bridge was made out of corrugated steel and valued at approximately $100,000. The thieves used a cutting torch to dismantle the bridge and carried it out. Because scrap metal including copper and steel value is increasing explains why these thieves targeted this bridge

Too bad they didn’t use their energy to help build one. They stole the bridge late in the night and by morning it was gone.  I’m sure the police have alerted all scrap metal yards to be on the lookout for a fifty-foot by twenty-foot bridge.


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