Occupy Wall Street is kicked out of Denver, Colorado

Posted on: October 13, 2011

Well it’s about time! I really didn’t say much about this protest because giving credibility to law breaking low-lives is not worth my
time. However, I could not understand how the governor of Colorado and the mayor of Denver would allow these protesters to camp out in front of the state capitol? In fact, there were some local businesses giving tents, sleeping blankets and even food to the protesterst.

What are they thinking?

If I tried to do that, I would be booted out in a heartbeat. But the Democrat governor and mayor were scratching their heads as to what to do with them.

Kick them out!

Finally, according to the local news channel, they are booted out from camping overnight. Here is what happened:
“The governor announced Thursday that the Occupy Denver group will no longer be allowed to camp overnight in downtown Denver.Gov. John Hickenlooper said that they can convene between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. but they cannot camp in front of the capitol, which is on state property. State law is that they cannot camp,  cannot have open fires, cannot create unsanitary conditions on state land, said  Attorney General John Suthers (he is a Republican), who was at the news conference with Hickenlooper and Mayor Michael Hancock. Hancock said that this is not a First Amendment issue, it’s an issue about the health, safety and well-being
of the people of Occupy Denver as well as the people who live, work and play in  Denver.”

But there is one big problem – these protesters don’t have money, where will they stay? I know of some good highway underpasses where their fellow bums live. Maybe they’ll let you stay with them?


8 Responses to "Occupy Wall Street is kicked out of Denver, Colorado"

A narrow-minded Republican if I ever saw one. Perhaps you cannot put yourself into their shoes because your small (and judgemental) mind cannot fathom that Americans are unhappy with our country. If it is a peaceful protest, they have just as many rights as you do to spew your opinion. You know, that freedom of speech and right to assemble. You seem to enjoy your freedom of speech in which allows you to speak freely on the internet for all those that stumble on your little tirade. Hope you never fall into lower middle class. You wouldn’t make it a week in half of their, rather our, shoes.

You are so wrong! You know nothing about me. As for your comments that I am a narrow-minded Republican -wrong again. I’m an Independent who is a thinker of what is right and wrong and believe in the rule of law. What these protesters are doing is breaking the law by camping out in a public park. I’ve heard their comments and they are the ones with no coherent cause. Yes, I’ve never been in the lower middle class because I always worked for a living instead of crying alligator tears that the government must take care of me. Wake up Kyleigh, God helps those who help themselves. Don’t be the one-tenth of the percent who believe that everything needs to be handed to them just because they exist. Besides if one was in the lower middle class, how could they afford a computer, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry to communicate. Was this your God given right to have too? These are bogus protesters who have nothing better to do but want their 15 minutes of fame or should I say shame.

I have lived lower middle class my entire life. My mother and father divorced when I was eight due to his being abusive. My brothers are both disabled, being born three months premature and my mother suffers from a chronic illness. She worked (works) her hardest to provide a good home, food and all the things her children needed. As for myself, I am currently attending University where I am racking up a considerable amount of debt. As for God helping those who help themselves… I am not a religious woman, lest I put my faith in a being that was described in a book wrote by men. You obviously have never been put in a challenging life position in which to better your position you must jump through flaming hoops.

Well, sorry about your life circumstances but we all have our crosses to bear. My husband has cancer, my granddaughter who is 3 1/2 years old has Type 1 diabettes. All of my life I worked very hard to give my sons a better life including paying for their college- through loans I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. As for not being religious because of a book written by men, you know nothing about the truth of life. For that I’m sorry for you. What you are doing is being judgemental of others and have this “poor me syndrome”. I don’t think your mother had that idea when she was working hard for the people she loved. Grow up and see what the world is all about. Make yourself a success story and quit whining about your life. Everyday brings new hope for a better day. Once you get that, then you can call yourself a success.

As for your comment on not knowing you… You do not know any of us either. So don’t be such a judmental person as to imply middle class people protesting are bums. You are just so stuck up in your own nice living standards that you can’t wrap your head around losing a job you worked, losing your home and losing all hope on a government that would rather fight over taxing more wealthy Americans than doing so and helping all! Middle class Americans didn’t start the recession, our government and Wall Street did.

Well this was a nice therapeutic session for a Friday. Now there you go assuming that I never experienced live circumstances before. You know what happens when you assume. Yes, I have lost jobs, nearly lost my home, as well as my father losing his job at the height of his career. Mom went back to work and I was in charge of the house when she was working. But that is neither here nor there. I believe I’ve lived a life of challenges but my faith and determination has set me free to believe that better days are ahead. Like I always say, if life gives you lemons make lemonade otherwise you’ll look like a sour puss the rest of your life!

It isn’t poor me. I merely gave you that so you can have a scope that they are all suffering Americans. You don’t know them nor myself. I have grown up, thank you. I do not think that once I sounded like a child. As for your religious beliefs, they are neither here nor there. I can have my own views on that as well. Maybe your truth of life and mine are different. Maybe God even made it so. Good day.

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