Martin Luther King Jr. Monument in Washington has controversy

Posted on: October 17, 2011

Even though there was plenty of praise for the new Martin Luther King Jr. Monument in Washington, a Denver, Colorado man is deeply critical of it. His name is Ed Dwight and is one of America’s most prominent black sculptors. He says he was originally picked to lead the project and be the “sculptor of record” by the memorial foundation.

Instead, the honor ended up with not an African American, but a sculptor from China named Lei Yixin. Ed Dwight criticized the style Yixin chose for the sculpture. Dwight said, “Here’s a man of the cloth and there’s nothing (in the sculpture) to indicate he was a man of God.”

Of course not Mr. Dwight, the progressives wanted to make it neutral so not to offend any progressives in their atheistic view of life.

However, Ed Jackson, the executive architect for the Martin Luther King Foundation, defended the choice of Yixin. He said, “The selection of the sculptor was not based on the country of origin but the content of his character and the talent that he could bring that we had to the task we had at hand.”

In addition, the likeness of the civil rights leader was cleared by his children, who selected the image, but Dwight believes King would
have wanted an African American for the job.

Dwight responded by saying, “He was worried for jobs about for black Americans. The man got killed in Memphis for the garbage workers.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Dwight don’t you know that we owe China a lot of money so we have to kiss up to them in every way we can. I’m sure your sculptor would have a better image of Martin Luther King Jr. but we’ll never know because you never got the chance.


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