Will Obama meet with OWS protesters?

Posted on: October 17, 2011

The OWS protesters may not have a coherent message; however they are planning to meet with President Obama on his bus tour today in Greensboro, N.C.  The demonstrators were 600 strong on Sunday and about 200 protesters agreed unanimously to intensify its efforts to picket The Proximity Hotel in Greensboro where the president is expected to stay on Monday night.

The group requested a meeting with the president so they can share their “individual grievances.” Do you think they’ll shower before meeting the president? This faux movement should not get this much attention.

At least in Denver, Colorado the mayor and governor have made sure that the protesters don’t camp out in their public parks. For those of you who think it’s okay to camp out in a public park in the middle of a city, you are wrong. It is illegal and I applaud the efforts of the police to make sure that they don’t put up their tents for sleeping as well as a tent for cooking. Did they get a permit to serve food from the tent? Probably not. Once again, they are breaking the law. Right now most of the protesters are sleeping on the sidewalk but who knows where they go for their “needs?”

Over the weekend I heard an interview with a young woman who brought her son to the protest. She seemed like a reasonable  person. She looked well educated until she started to talk. She had me with her until she said that her biggest beef was that corporations are involved in our educational system and she wants them out of the educational system.  This is where she lost my support.

Question? Why do they call it “public” education? Because the government runs the public education. I have never heard it called “corporation” education.

So there you have it, a group of twenty year olds who have the entitlement mentality and have nothing better to do but camp out in cities and shout stupid rhetoric.

Oh and did you know that some of these protesters are trust fund babies who are bored? Click on this link to hear the ramblings of Edward T. Hall III. This is his 15 minutes of fame/shame.


8 Responses to "Will Obama meet with OWS protesters?"

Occupy Greensboro is camping on private property and paying the rent.

Good for them! But who is paying for it? Follow the money and you will find out who is really calling the shots on this protest. Heard on Gerri Willis show on Fox Business News yesterday that the protesters in New York City had leased a warehouse to store stuff for the protests – i.e. sleeping bags, tents, hygiene stuff, etc. She said that the Teacher’s Union was the one who leased the building. Now isn’t that interesting a union backing the protests in New York City. Everything capitalism is all about. Like I said, this is a faux protest and I’m not behind their ways.

First of all, never go to FoxNews for news about Occupy. In fact, don’t watch Fox for anything. If you want truthful, unbiased, non-corporate news I’d recommend The Real News or The Young Turks. And Occupy isn’t against all corporations like the mainstream media has told viewers. It’s against corporate influence in politics ie JP Morgan donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Obama so they’d get a billion dollar bailout. And please don’t dismiss the wills of a million people around the world so easily.

The Real News and The Young Turks are all progressive leaning news reporting. In case you missed it , I’m a conservative! Obviously you are a progressive and wouldn’t watch any of the Fox news. The people I trust for the honest reporting are Greta Van Susteren, Neil Cavuto and Gerri Willis. The rest of the celebrities are just celebrities and I watch them for pure entertainment. When will progessives learn that it doesn’t matter who is in political office, politicians take big money from big banks and corporations. Always has been that way and will always be.Obama didn’t get elected by collecting $5 from people who contributed to him. He got his big bucks for the campaign from big business. Do I agree with this idea – no I don’t. Have you heard about the “bundlers”? These are people who go around collecting big bucks for politicians from big donors, i.e. banks, businesses ,etc. Then of course all of these big donors expect something in return for their money. So you can say politicians are bought and not elected. Then we have the average person with an entitlement mentality and not willing to work not even the system. I predict this will not change in my lifetime and probably not yours too. OWS is a joke that is also getting funded by progressive socialists, i.e. George Soros, Addbusters, unions, etc. That is a fact you can find on the Internet. You may have to read it on those nasty conservative sites, you won’t find it on the progressive sites. But I respect your opinions and keep reading my conservative blog where I also write about inequities. Even a conservative doesn’t like those things.

Obama is an amalgamation of everything Occupy is against. His entire campaign was funded by the companies who wrecked the economy and then they were the ones to benefit most from the bailouts. If he were foolish enough to show his face at a protest (I doubt he would) then he’d probably get booed away like what happened to that civil rights guy at Occupy Atlanta.

You are so spot on. I guess the protesters didn’t get the memo to allow some people to talk only the ones that they want to hear from.

Alright, whatever. Just thought you might like to hear the truth instead of news stories that have been twisted to fit the corporate media’s views. I am an Occupier and you might like to read several interviews I did with some protesters. They’re actually quite knowledgeable. I gotta say, you’re the first conservative on wordpress who hasn’t flipped out immediately after hearing a differing opinion. Congrats on that.

That’s because I am not a Democrat or Republican but an Independent who is conservative. I appreciate everyone’s opinion even though they may be wrong! LOL!

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