Thieves targeting X-rays for money

Posted on: October 19, 2011

Is this another sign of hard economic times or just thieves looking for quick cash for their drug habit? Police in Philadelphia, PA are  saying that there has been an increase of scrap X-ray films for cash. You see X-ray films have a certain amount of silver and when washed in chemicals the silver is left to be sold for its cash value which is about $31.00 an ounce.

Hospitals in the Philadelphia area aren’t the only place where thieves are stealing. This seems to be happened around the country. The thieves steal old patient films, defective films and blank films. Police believe the thieves are posing as workers for a company that contract with hospitals to remove and recycle the X-rays.

However, if you are concerned about identity theft, hospital officials say the films do not include Social Security numbers, addresses, or any type of financial information.


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