Look who’s in bed with Occupy Wall Street protesters

Posted on: October 21, 2011

As I have said multiple times, follow the money and you’ll find out the truth about this Occupy Wall Street protest. It seems that in New York the money takes you to some of the country’s largest labor unions. This is according to an article in the Washington Post by Peter Wallsten.

And in return, Occupy activists are pitching in to help unions ratchet up action against several New York firms involved in labor  disputes with workers. In one case, Occupy activists have helped union workers disrupt Sotheby’s art auction house, which is engaged in a contract dispute with about 40 of its art handlers.  Another is a joint demonstration of Occupy activists and telephone
workers is planned for Friday to target Verizon, and Occupy organizers say more unions are reaching out to a newly formed labor relations committee to ask for help in planning future actions.

The coordination represents a new chapter for the anti-Wall Street activists, who have expressed anger at establishment forces in both major political parties and eschewed the traditional grass-roots organizing tactics long deployed by labor unions.

It also suggests an evolution for organized labor, which retains close ties to President Obama and the Democratic Party but sees the
Occupy protests as a galvanizing moment. Some union officials concede that their efforts to highlight income inequality and other economic concerns have fallen short, scoring few victories with a White House that many on the left see as too close with Wall Street.

Leaders in both camps acknowledge that joining forces does not necessarily make for an easy marriage. Some Occupy activists consider it a chance to push the increasingly weak union movement into a more aggressive posture.

“We’re hoping this will inspire them to take on more militant tactics,” said Jackie DiSalvo, an Occupy Wall Street organizer who has
been coordinating with labor. “The fact that they’re willing to support more militant tactics might mean that they’re willing to start doing more.” Sounds like calling for violence to me.

What does this mean about these protesters? What happened to the “99%” they were protesting for? All of a sudden, they are now looking for bigger fish to fry by linking up with unions and wanting to use violence to get their message across. But what was their message? It was never clear, just a bunch of punks who want to protest for protest sake and disrupt good citizens’ lives as well as cost money for law enforcement to protect them.

The sooner New York and other cities kick these protesters out the better.


2 Responses to "Look who’s in bed with Occupy Wall Street protesters"

I like how you use the words of one individual to classify a movement which is, by nature, amorphous and expressly seeks no central organization. As for their message, if you’re unable to see that, I feel quite sorry for you. The Occupy movement is not affiliated with unions (though members of the Occupy movement who are union members have aided unions, hence Peter Wallsten’s deduction). And given that all money coming to the movement is anonymous, you could therefore say anyone is ‘funding’ them, unions, banks, whoever. Given your clear distaste for our constitutional right to redress grievances, I would ask you this: if these protests represented a political alignment/issue you felt strongly about, would you be asking New York to kick them out?

I doubt it.

I’m all for protesting for a good cause – a cause that is clear. Do you feel the same about the Tea Party? Or do you disdain what they stand for? My problem with the Occupy Wall Street protesters is that “occupying” is not the way to get your point across. They should do their protest march and then work within the system to change things, just like the Tea Party has done. Their voices and purpose were quite clear and look what it has done within our political system. Yes, I would kick them out of New York, Denver, Boulder, Longmont and all the cities that they are camped out in. Do you realize the cost for the citizens of these cities to make sure that the protesters are safe? Law enforcement is spending a lot of money – perhaps millions – to make sure all is peaceful. Law enforcement lives have been targeted at babysitting these people and have disrupted their home lives. I know that for a fact. Plus, have you seen the mess that they have left in these parks? Then of course there are the “bad ones” who are smoking pot, doing drugs and raping young women – this happened in Cleveland, Ohio. Not exactly model citizens. It is time that everyone take off their rose colored glasses and see what these people are truly all about – anarchists and socialists that want to tear this country apart for their “revolution.” This is my point.

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