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The Obama Administration has abruptly sealed court records containing alarming details of Fast and Furious. As you may recall, this was a gun running episode to Mexican drug smugglers that went horribly wrong. A U.S. Border Patrol Agent was murdered with a gun connected to a failed federal experiment that allowed firearms to be smuggled into Mexico.

Once again Attorney General Eric Holder is doing all he can to cover his behind. All information will now be kept from public as well as the media.

Isn’t this supposed to be the most “transparent” administration in history? Why can’t we, the public, as well as the media find out details about the killing of the federal agent (Brian Terry) last December in Arizona’s Peck Canyon? Operation Fast and Furious was conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The Justice Department was also involved and was willing to turn over thousands of guns to Mexican criminal gangs. So what is the Obama administration trying to hide from us?

Once again, I’m calling for Eric Holder to resign or at the very least criminal action brought against him by Congress.

Back in November I wrote an article about the DNC in bed with the unions my showing that they do not want to hire non-union companies in North Carolina to work for their convention next year. Recently the legislator in North Carolina approved a nonbinding resolution asking the Democratic National Convention to change its rules and “respect North Carolina’s right to work laws.”

The resolution asks the DNC to refrain from hiring workers and companies from outside North Carolina when qualified businesses or workers are available within the state.

So far there is only one contract which went to a union shop at the expense of a local, non-union outfit. It involved printing services, which is unlikely to be such a rare skill set that it couldn’t be accommodated by the local talent. It is still early in the process, with many more contracts yet to be awarded, so the legislature is probably wise to nip this in the bud.

It’s important to note that this isn’t an effort to legislate the hiring process. The measure is a non-binding resolution which simply calls upon the DNC to do the right thing by the state’s workers and to respect their local labor laws. But it brings the issue very much into the public eye, and since it involves Jobs, Jobs, Jobs it’s obviously an embarrassment that the DNC won’t want to have hanging over their heads – or those of their candidates – just as we get into the hottest part of the campaign cycle.

Let’s see if the DNC really does wise up and gives contracts to local businesses even though they are not union shops.

File this under not only stupid criminals but also egotistical criminals!  A Colorado man held a Kansas couple hostage while fleeing from authorities.  Jesse Dimmick is now serving an 11-year sentence for kidnapping, fleeing from law enforcement and stealing a motor vehicle. When he committed the crime he was wanted for questioning in a Colorado man’s beating death at an Aurora motel.

Dimmick burst into the Rowley’s Topeka, Kansas home in September 2009 after crashing a stolen van in their yard during a police chase where he held the Rowley’s hostage until he fell asleep. That is when the Rowleys escaped. Officers then stormed the house.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that Dimmick filed a breach of contract suit in Shawnee County District Court in response to a suit the couple filed in September.  Dimmick contends that he and the couple reached a legally binding, oral contract that they would hide him for an unspecified amount of money.

Did he really believe that the couple agreed with that? I would agree to anything as long as this guy wouldn’t hurt or kill me. So this egotistical/stupid criminal is asking for $235,000 in damages from the so called breach of contract.

But then, the couple from Topeka isn’t too bright either. Why are they suing this low-life? He doesn’t have any money! But that’s what is happening now in this country; let’s sue each other for something to see if we can get any money.

Just as I predicted, J.R. won the Mirror Ball Trophy. I knew he would, after all he is a war veteran, hero and danced really well. I’m also happy for his dance partner Karina because she has been trying to win the trophy for about twelve years. I guess it just takes that one special celebrity that has committed to learning and does his/her best on all the dances. Sure J.R. had some flubs but heck no one is perfect.

I’ve heard rumors that Dancing with the Stars may go only one time during the year because their ratings are not what it used to be. I also think they need to find better celebrities and not be so predictable. Don’t get stars that you know can’t or won’t spend the time training. I know not everyone is talented but come on. This show is embarrassing itself and the celebrity when they have really bad left-footed dancers that have no musicality. The viewers want to see a competition and not just vote on pure sympathy for the celebrities.

That’s my two cents about Dancing with the Stars.

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars featured the remaining three celebrities – J.R., Ricki Lake, and Rob Kardashian. With the tone of the judges I really think they want Rob Kardashian to win. They were so complimentary to his dances that it just oozed out like sticky molasses!

Granted, Cheryl, his pro-dancer/teacher, picked dance routines that fit his style. But I really didn’t see Rob stretch his dancing to show how much he’s progressed. But then Cheryl has won two Mirror Ball Trophies before so she knows how to bring out the best of her partner even if it means not overstretching his abilities.

It seems to me that Ricki was just doing the dance steps that were safe and comfortable for her. But J.R. went for all of it with his dances that he even had some trouble in accomplishing the dance moves.

Now it’s up to the viewers to pick the winner. I’m still sticking with my prediction that J.R. will win.

Tune in tonight to see who wins.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hearing and seeing the news about the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. But when I saw this article on Hot Air, I thought one more issue to report and then I’m done with these people.

Now the ACLU in Minnesota is suing the Hennepin County (Minneapolis) for enforcing rules and laws on the use of public property where the Occupiers have camped. Specifically, the ACLU wants Hennepin County to grant unrestricted use indefinitely to the Occupiers on the basis of free speech … which apparently includes free electricity, too.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota sued Hennepin County on Monday on behalf of OccupyMPLS, the protest group camping out on the Government Center Plaza in downtown Minneapolis in defiance of county rules. The ACLU suit contends that those rules, which forbid tents and electricity, and “certain unwritten procedures enforced by the county”, violate the demonstrators’ free speech rights. The suit asks that new rules restricting the use of chalk, electricity and tents be declared unconstitutional. The plaintiffs are also seeking an injunction against the rules, and they want the county to provide electricity for the protesters. It also asks that officials stop giving trespass notices to protesters who build temporary shelters or use chalk to express their views.

The county has said the plaza is not designed for long-term occupation and that the restrictions adopted earlier this month are needed because of health and safety concerns and increased security costs. Who would have thought that these Occupiers have the right to squat indefinitely anywhere they want to – especially on public land. The fact that these people hold up signs and chant rhyming slogans should not give them any special grant to use public property that creates a semi-permanent obstruction for everyone else who may want to use the public land. What gives them special rights? What about the taxpayers who pay for the public land? Don’t they have a say in it too?

But once again this is the ACLU and I’m sure there is big money behind this suit – i.e. maybe unions? Hopefully, the court will throw this suit out and the people in Minneapolis can get their public land back to be enjoyed by all.

As a former Roman Catholic, I can tell you that Nancy Pelosi is NOT a true Catholic. Maybe she goes to church every Sunday, Easter and Christmas, but attending church may make her a practicing Catholic but it does not make her a true Catholic.

Why do I say that? Because true Roman Catholics believe in how precious life is and wouldn’t even think about abortion being a “choice.” However, Ms. Pelosi has recently said that Catholics have this “conscience” thing and is upset that the U.S. Catholic bishops wouldn’t approve the Obama administration to force insurance companies to cover birth control, contraception and drugs that could cause abortions. The bishops say that, under such a decision, some religious groups might have to provide the insurance against their moral and religious views.

This is where she disagrees with her own religious leaders.  She said, “[Those who disagree] may not like the language,’’ she told The Washington Post, “but the truth is what I said. I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it . . . but they have this conscience thing [that puts women at risk.]”

Pelosi further told WaPo that she is also put out whenever a Catholic gives the pope’s positions on life more credence than they do hers. Why? Because Nancy Pelosi knows the personal experience of motherhood as the pope never could. Okay, she can disagree with the authority of the pope but what makes her “opinion” better than the pope’s opinion that he is following the teachings of the church?

As I said before, just going to Church and saying you are a Catholic doesn’t make you a true Catholic. If she rejects the authority how credible is she calling herself Catholic? She should be honest with herself as well as us about her true beliefs in her faith.

Okay, I must say I do enjoy the irony in this. Today Vice President Biden is attending a meeting of the Government Accountability and Transparency Board to meet with representatives of the National Sheriffs’ Association.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Well you won’t know what happened because it’s closed to the press.  Oh but they will post the minutes of the meeting online sometime later.

But that’s not the only non-transparent meeting from this administration. Two months ago the State Department officials briefed reporters on transparency efforts but refused to have their names printed. In March, the White House postponed a pooled-press ceremony for President Obama to get an openness award — it was later rescheduled and carried out in an undisclosed meeting.

Also as I’m sure you’ve heard that the White House refuses to make public the visitors’ list. Oh my, not quite as transparent as we expected, is it?

My mother used to tell me not to air out your dirty laundry with strangers. What she meant is now a slogan for Las Vegas – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So why does our President insist on airing our dirty laundry in foreign countries?

According to a report from the press pool, President Obama told Australian students that their counterparts – meaning the kids in the U.S. – have “fallen behind” when it comes to math and science and he wants to reform the public school system. He also said that poor children don’t get “support they need when they’re very young” and are “already behind” when they enter grammar school.

While this statement may be true, it just isn’t right to tell foreign students that the kids in the U.S. are dumber than a rock. It is just like telling people of your crazy uncle that your family doesn’t want anyone to know about.

But once again, this is just another of President Obama’s trashing of America to people in foreign countries.  You know, there is an unwritten rule in politics that politicians must not criticize the president when they are overseas but our President may feel it is his right and privilege to criticize the citizens of the U.S.

I really didn’t mind Obama saying that we got “lazy,” because I know that wasn’t true. I wasn’t thrilled when he continued to say that we are no longer an exceptional nation. But now he is trashing our kids and that makes me angry. How does Obama explain that his two daughters attend private school because he can afford it. I thought he was a community organizer that would bring people together for the good of the community. But his bashing of our kids and the public school system is unforgivable.

Yes, we have a problem, but remember, what happens in the U.S. should stay in the U.S.

If you are a critical thinking type of person you would say yes regulations slow economic growth. Why? Because regulations cost money, businesses have to pay more money to comply with regulations thus having less money to pay a salary or wage. This in turn creates less jobs and leading to less economic growth.

However, if you are Harry Reid and his liberal/progressive friends you really believe that regulations don’t kill jobs and stifle the economy. According to an article on Town Hall by Katie Pavlich, she calls this type of thinking as ObamaNomics or LibNomics.

The other day Harry Reid had the nerve to stand up in Congress to bash Republicans who are focused on slashing regulations as a way to improve the economy. Harry Reid said, “My Republican friends are yet to bring a single piece of evidence that the regulations they hate so much have the economic harm they claim. That’s because there isn’t any.”

Unbelievable, what planet is Harry Reid living on? I guess liberals just don’t get it and never will.