Midway in Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: November 1, 2011

I know I wasn’t going to blog about Dancing with the Stars, but I did watch the show last night and I must tell you that I think Nancy Grace thinks she is going to leave tonight. The dance routines were all good not great. Once again, there was drama on the show. Ricki Lake is injured and vowed to give it her best. And of course the judges gave her slack on that.

Why do I think Nancy Grace, because she seemed so out of it after the judges’ comments. I think she is getting mad at the judges especially after her Jive last night. It was okay, for her limitations, but not the best. Hope Solo did well on her dance routine but I know her and Maks have “issues” with the judges.

While the judges didn’t give J.R. good scores for his dance routine, I’m sticking with my prediction for the final three: Ricki Lake, J.R., Rob Kardashian. And I know that J.R.will win. Heck is a hero and is doing very well.

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