Now there is a fall guy for Fast & Furious

Posted on: November 1, 2011

With twenty-eight Congressional Representatives asking for Eric Holder to resign, the Department of Justice just happened to find a large amount of documentation relating to Operation Fast & Furious. What this means that the DoJ did know about the “gunwalking” across the US-Mexico border.

Interestingly one memo shows that Lanny Breuer, head of the DoJ’s criminal division and well-connected lieutenant of Attorney General Eric Holder not only knew of the practice and warned that the practice could end up “embarrassing” the ATF. But in a twist Lanny Breuer issued a statement that he “regrets” not warning DoJ officials about this.

You mean to tell me that Mr. Breuer kept it all secret as far back as last April? He never told his boss Eric Holder? There were never
communications up the line? Sounds fishy to me!

Ed Morrissey from Hot Air also has doubts in his article when he says, “But this does something else as well; it acts as a firewall for Eric Holder and the White House, at least for the moment. Breuer’s admission contains one key component — “regrets” for not having informed his superiors. Breuer appears ready to argue that the knowledge of gunwalking only went as high as his desk,  and that Breuer never told Holder about the effort. That’s going to be difficult to believe, especially since we already know that the White House got extensively briefed on the matter directly from the Phoenix office.  Are we to believe that Breuer didn’t get
asked about this from above, or that the White House wouldn’t have asked Holder about an operation conducted in his own fiefdom?  It seems unlikely that the buck stopped at Breuer’s desk, especially given the international implications of gunwalking
across the border.”

I guess when you lie to Congress one needs to find a fall guy and this time it is Lanny Breuer. I’m sure that Congress will get to the
bottom of this and find the right person responsible for this.


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