DNC in bed with the unions – the proof

Posted on: November 4, 2011

I thought Democrats are so concerned about jobs for everyone. I guess I was wrong. According to an article n RS RedState, the DNC is discriminating against non-union businesses. Not only are they refusing to give contracts for their 2012 DNC Convention to non-union businesses but also insisting that if nonunion businesses want to do business with them, they will have to unionize.

The DNC convention in 2012 is being held in Charlotte, N.C. a right-to-work state which means that if businesses don’t want to join a union they don’t have to. But it seems that the Democrat Host Committee won’t do business with you unless you are a union shop or join a union. The article shows how a non-union business tried to capture a signage business with the committee but they refused to even talk with them or even allow them to bid on a contract.

The DNC claims that they can get this type of business from out-of state businesses from Chicago or Philadelphia. How does that help the local businesses in Charlotte to succeed? It doesn’t.

As you can clearly see the Democrats are the party for union members. Why? Because they get kickbacks from the unions for their elections and that is why the Democrats really don’t care about jobs for small non-union businesses.


2 Responses to "DNC in bed with the unions – the proof"

Just good old crooked Chicago style politics

[…] in November I wrote an article about the DNC in bed with the unions my showing that they do not want to hire non-union companies in North Carolina to work for their […]

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