Attorney General Eric Holder is a day late and a dollar short

Posted on: November 11, 2011

You know when you receive a “belated birthday card” from someone that means that person didn’t have the courtesy to remember your birthday but to save face sends you a belated birthday card to make up for their shortcomings. It looks like the same thing has happened to Attorney General Eric Holder.

Michelle Malkin’s article today points out that Holder is the “most shameless corruptocrat in the Obama administration and has now Re-confirmed” this. When Holder was asked by a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday if he ever apologized to the family of Brian Terry, the Border Agent that was killed over a year ago because of “Fast and Furious”, Holder declined to answer the question but said the he regretted that it happened.

Blasted for his response, Holder decided to send the Terrys a letter Wednesday saying he was sorry for their loss. He did this only because he wanted to save face because the letter was released to the press before the Terrys received it!

I guess Holder had more pressing things on his plate, like suing Arizona and other states for their immigration laws, Solyndra and other capital cronyism green companies, Obamacare and of course covering up Fast and Furious just to name a few things.

At first I called for Holder to step down or be fired, but now I’m agreeing with Michelle Malkin Holder should be prosecuted.


2 Responses to "Attorney General Eric Holder is a day late and a dollar short"

Could not agree with you more. This is one serious slimeball.
John Wilder

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