Michelle Obama -let them eat steak and arugula

Posted on: November 15, 2011

I have to admit I stand corrected about Michelle Obama. I’ve quoted her saying “let them eat cake,” but now I find that I misquoted her entirely. According to CNS News article, she was visiting the Ma’o Organic Farms in Waianae, Hawaii on Saturday.  First Lady Michelle Obama said that “arugula and steak” was her “favorite” meal and expressed her view that American children need to “get their palates adjusted” so they will begin eating properly.

Then she said that children in “underserved communities” become obese because they “aren’t growing up with vegetables because there are no grocery stores.”

OMG! Did she really say that? It was bad enough that she wants our kids to eat steak (which is very expensive especially for poor  families) and arugula (a spicy little leaf, which some describe as bitter and others characterize as having a “peppery-mustardy” flavor. Because it is so potent on its own, it is often mixed with milder greens to produce a nice balanced salad. It can also be sautéed in olive oil. You can substitute most any green for arugula, but the closest matches are Belgian endive, escarole, and dandelion greens).

Is she really serious about this? How out of touch is she with underserved communities? I know she has visited some of these  communities while wearing $400 tennis shoes just to show how much she cares. Whether or not childhood obesity is her cause, she still is out of touch with reality. Yes, education starts with children but it also starts at home with parents offering the best choices in healthy eating habits. It doesn’t take the federal government to do the job, it takes parents and families to make sure kids are learning good eating habits.

And by the way, there are grocery stores even in underserved communities. It may be a mom and pop store or a chain store, but grocery stores with meat, vegetables and fruit are readily available in just about every community in the U.S.

So now, Michelle Obama can proudly say to the unwashed masses – let them eat steak and arugula!


1 Response to "Michelle Obama -let them eat steak and arugula"

M O is as arrogant, condescending and narcissistic and completely out of touch as her husband.
John Wilder

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