Semi-finals on Dancing with the Stars

Posted on: November 15, 2011

Last night’s semi-finals were once again filled with drama, J.R. twisted his ankle and Hope was given low scores by the judges.  The judges just loved Rob Kardashian’s dances and not so much with J.R., Ricki and Hope.

But Hope got back at them by saying that the judges all season wanted her out of the competition but she has been hanging in there  until the semi-finals. That was so clear with last night’s judges’ scores that this statement was truly obvious. I like Hope; yes she is not the best dancer but she gives it her all. Rob Kardashian has come a long way and Carrie Anne of course said that this is what the show is all about. Yah, only when you are their champion and push your agenda to give him high scores.

Ricki Lake’s dances were good but seemed safe. J.R. unfortunately twisted his ankle during rehearsals and it showed in his three  dances. But don’t rule him out; he is a really good dancer.

So who is going home tonite? Probably Hope Solo, but wouldn’t it be a twist if she didn’t and if Ricki Lake, or J.R. or even Rob Kardashian left? That would be irony.


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