More bashing from President Obama

Posted on: November 17, 2011

My mother used to tell me not to air out your dirty laundry with strangers. What she meant is now a slogan for Las Vegas – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So why does our President insist on airing our dirty laundry in foreign countries?

According to a report from the press pool, President Obama told Australian students that their counterparts – meaning the kids in the U.S. – have “fallen behind” when it comes to math and science and he wants to reform the public school system. He also said that poor children don’t get “support they need when they’re very young” and are “already behind” when they enter grammar school.

While this statement may be true, it just isn’t right to tell foreign students that the kids in the U.S. are dumber than a rock. It is just like telling people of your crazy uncle that your family doesn’t want anyone to know about.

But once again, this is just another of President Obama’s trashing of America to people in foreign countries.  You know, there is an unwritten rule in politics that politicians must not criticize the president when they are overseas but our President may feel it is his right and privilege to criticize the citizens of the U.S.

I really didn’t mind Obama saying that we got “lazy,” because I know that wasn’t true. I wasn’t thrilled when he continued to say that we are no longer an exceptional nation. But now he is trashing our kids and that makes me angry. How does Obama explain that his two daughters attend private school because he can afford it. I thought he was a community organizer that would bring people together for the good of the community. But his bashing of our kids and the public school system is unforgivable.

Yes, we have a problem, but remember, what happens in the U.S. should stay in the U.S.


2 Responses to "More bashing from President Obama"

Looks to me like education totally bypassed our ridiculous “president.”

Well a lot of black kids are behind because the libtards want the federal government to be their daddies. Single family units don’t help their kids or teach their kids like a two parent household. Obama will just want to throw more money at the problem instead of actually reforming it.
John Wilder

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