Winner of Dancing with the Stars is …..

Posted on: November 23, 2011

Just as I predicted, J.R. won the Mirror Ball Trophy. I knew he would, after all he is a war veteran, hero and danced really well. I’m also happy for his dance partner Karina because she has been trying to win the trophy for about twelve years. I guess it just takes that one special celebrity that has committed to learning and does his/her best on all the dances. Sure J.R. had some flubs but heck no one is perfect.

I’ve heard rumors that Dancing with the Stars may go only one time during the year because their ratings are not what it used to be. I also think they need to find better celebrities and not be so predictable. Don’t get stars that you know can’t or won’t spend the time training. I know not everyone is talented but come on. This show is embarrassing itself and the celebrity when they have really bad left-footed dancers that have no musicality. The viewers want to see a competition and not just vote on pure sympathy for the celebrities.

That’s my two cents about Dancing with the Stars.


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