Civics lesson -How to “rig” elections by Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Posted on: December 2, 2011

Once again my favorite Democrat mouth-piece has opened her mouth and inserted her foot. On MSNBC’s Martin Bashir show Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, that the Republican Party is trying to disenfranchise and “suppress” votes of minorities and other groups in the Democratic voting bloc by enacting laws requiring a valid I.D. at polls.

She further said that State Republican legislatures are passing bills that require a valid I.D. in order to vote to prevent voter fraud but according to Debbie that this type of fraud is “simply a problem that doesn’t exist.”

She further accused the Republican party of not being able to “win elections on the merits,” so they have to cheat. “They know they can’t win elections on the merits, so they’re trying to rig elections by blocking people’s access to the polls.”

This is so unbelievable!

What planet is she living on?

If it was left up to her she would let ten year olds to vote along with Mickey Mouse and Goofy. But then she probably doesn’t have a problem with undocumented voters and probably believes that it is important to vote and vote often at different precincts.

Voting is an honor and a privilege for American citizens. There are rules to voting that I learned in Civics class many years ago. I don’t mind showing a valid I.D. at a polling place.

Once again, this is just another ploy by the DNC to bash Republicans as well as citizens of the U.S. I want my vote to count. By requiring a valid I.D. legitimizes the voting process. But I guess Debbie didn’t learn that in Civics class.


1 Response to "Civics lesson -How to “rig” elections by Debbie Wasserman Schultz"

As outrageous as her comments are there are libtards out there who will take up her banner. Stupid is as stupid does Forrest Gump

John Wilder

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