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I was listening to Rush Limbaugh this morning and he was talking about an article from AP News, titled “Obama peddles modest American dream.”

As Rush so eloquently pointed out that Obama’s message of Hope and Change has now turned to what he sees this country and its people in – mediocrity. However, this article sugar coats Obama’s message by saying that Obama wants to focus on the middle-class and what they are “feeling.”

I can tell you what we are “feeling” – a President who wants to take over our lives and tell us what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

According to this article, Obama is pivoting and wants to deal with a different economic and political reality as he seeks re-election. He’s focused less on a lofty vision for overcoming divisions and remaking Washington, and more on the most basic building blocks of middle-class economic security: a job, a house, a college education for the kids, health care, money for retirement.

Obama said, “If you’re willing to put in the work, the idea is that you should be able to raise a family and own a home; not go bankrupt because you got sick, because you’ve got some health insurance that helps you deal with those difficult times; that you can send your kids to college; that you can put some money away for retirement.” “That’s all most people want,” he said. “Folks don’t have unrealistic ambitions. They do believe that if they work hard they should be able to achieve that small measure of an American Dream.”

A “small measure of an American Dream?” No, Mr. President this country was founded on the freedom to achieve as much as you can of the American Dream. As Rush Limbaugh appropriately pointed out, the President wants us to “fear” getting sick because we may go bankrupt. The President wants us to settle for a small 1200 square foot house, a lousy job, take the bus or train to work and then drive a Chevy Volt to mediocrity.

America do you want a life of mediocrity? Or do you want to have a life of personal achievement that only you can do without government help?

This November, do not settle for mediocrity- vote out Obama and let’s get this country on the right track once again.

I cannot stay silent any more. This country was founded on freedom of speech. I have been hearing “stories” where the government may be looking into facebook, bloggers, etc. who may be writing about this Administration that may be considered as disagreeing with them. Well, short of having any government official knocking at my door to arrest me for sedition, I am going to speak out when I see pure propaganda from this Administration. And believe me there are lots of wrong information coming from this Administration.

The latest propaganda and lie cannot go unchallenged. Recently, White House press secretary Jay Carney said that Republicans “forced” President Obama to deny the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Later during his press briefing he said that Obama didn’t turn down the pipeline, no it was all the fault of the Republicans. OMG!

He said, “In terms of Keystone, as you all know, the history here is pretty clear. And the fact is because Republicans decided to play political with Keystone, their action essentially forced the administration to deny the permit process because they insisted on a time frame in which it was impossible to completely approve the pipeline.”

You can see his press briefing at Real Clear Politics link here.

In all of my years I have never heard such propaganda and pure lies coming from our government as I have been hearing now. Remember, believe half of what you hear and nothing what you see.

This should be in the category of the pot calling the kettle black. According to the Washington Examiner, the Obama-Biden reelection campaign is stepping up fundraising to help them fight back the “smear” machine from GOP front-runner Mitt Romney.

In an email to supporters this morning, Obama campaign manager Jim Messina warned that the Republicans will have a fat bank account to tap for negative ads, something both Romney and Newt Gingrich did in Florida.

“They’re going to try to spend and smear their way to the White House,” Messina said about Republican groups and candidates.

One thing is for sure: the fall election is already setting up to be the most expensive in history, with Obama expected to spend $750 million-$1 billion and the eventual GOP challenger and Republican-leaning groups likely to join to spend over $500 million.

In fact, as President Obama was feting donors last night at the posh St. Regis hotel in downtown Washington and then a private home in Chevy Chase, Md., a Romney associate told the Examiner, “He’s going to need a lot of money.”

Here’s Messina’s note:

“I’m not going to beat around the bush. Take a look at these numbers from Florida and then chip in $3 or more to support a much different kind of presidential campaign.

Here’s just a sample of what went down:

— $15.3 million: How much money Mitt Romney and his backers spent in the state (compared to $3.4 million spent by Newt Gingrich and his groups). (Note: because he had the money to spend, so what!)

— 13,000: The number of advertisements put on the air on Mitt’s behalf as of mid-week last week. Newt had about 200. (Note: so what again!)

— 92: The percentage of these ads that was negative. (Note: some were and some told the truth nothing different from what the Democrats will be doing.)

That’s ugly, and it tells us a lot about what to expect from Romney, or whoever wins the Republican nomination. They’re going to try to spend and smear their way to the White House. (Note: I’m sure you will be doing the same!)

These super PACs can dominate the airwaves, but what they can’t do is mobilize volunteers on the ground.

We’re doing this the right way — will you help?


Jim Messina

Campaign Manager

Obama for America”

This is so unbelievable! Already the Democrats are smearing Romney and just about every Republican candidate as well as Congressmen and women and Senators. My comments are in the “Note” section because Jim Messina is nothing but a hawker for the Democrats. I guess he understands fully about “smear” tactics because he also employs the same tactics he’s accusing the GOP of doing!

During a post-Florida interview on CNN, Romney attempted to explain his focus as president would be to restore economic prosperity for America’s battered middle class but he also said that he wasn’t concerned about the very poor.

Now if you stop there, you would say, WHAT!

But you need to hear the rest of his comment. He said that the most indigent among us already have a generous safety net on which to fall back (welfare, SCHIP, Medicaid, etc), and that very well-off citizens are doing just fine on their own.

But what you will hear from the mainstream media as well as Democrats is that Mitt Romney doesn’t care about the poor!  Democrats’ entire strategy against Romney, if he’s the nominee, is to beat the class warfare drum loudly and relentlessly to try to drown out President Obama’s demonstrable failures.  There’s nothing that Team Romney can do to prevent Democrats from employing this cynical strategy, but their candidate should consciously avoid making his opponents’ job any easier.

It’s too bad that our politicians can’t say what they feel and probably what the average American feels without being excoriated by the media and the Democrat machine. I totally understood what he was saying because he is right. There is enough help for the very poor; unfortunately it is the taxpayers who are taking care of them. The middle class has the real problem – they make too much money for government help and not enough money to be able to pay for high prices, i.e. gas, health care, groceries, etc. I guess that’s why they call it middle class because you are caught in the middle and can’t get help or make enough money to pay for essentials.

As far as I am concerned this was no gaffe but much ado about nothing. But hold on – there will be more Democrat misquotes to come in the near future.