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This really boils my blood!

As you may know, President Obama early this week told his Russian counterpart, Medvedev, to give him “space” so that he could have “more flexibility” after the 2012 presidential election in regard to missile defense issues. First of all, what does that mean and second of all if it means what I think it means, then Obama wants to give up our defenses to please the Russians.

Now I was brought up during the days when you did not trust the Communists in Russia. You kept them at arm’s length and showed peace through strength – yes just like Ronald Reagan said. Now the Obama administration wants to give in to them and I wouldn’t trust any communist as far as I could through them, especially Putin.

Obviously, Mitt Romney, GOP candidate running for President, also feels the same way when he said that “Russia is the geopolitical foe.” Makes sense to me. But the communist propaganda machine, Pravda, revved up its rhetoric against him.

According to the Weekly Standard, in an op-ed posted on Pravda’s website said this: “Electing Mitt Romney as the next President of the United States of America would be like appointing a serial paedophile as a kindergarten teacher, a rapist as a janitor at a girls’ dormitory or a psychopath with a fixation on knives as a kitchen hand. His comments on Russia are a puerile attempt at making the grand stage and boy, did he blow it…”

And that was only the beginning of their inflammatory remarks against Mitt Romney. Pravda goes on to question American democracy and say that Romney is just an “adolescent” school boy.  Somewhat like Condoleezza Rice did before the Bush regime was er…”elected” …, Mitt Romney takes the chance to mouth off about Russia, calling her “our number one geopolitical foe” which fights “every cause for the world’s worst actors”. Unfortunately, such vapid stupidity has become commonplace among senior US politicians, providing the rest of the world with a telling insight as to the real nature of the political class in that country – out of touch, out of date and dangerously jingoistic. In short, overgrown self-opinionated school boys with super-egos but nothing whatsoever to back it up with.”

Then, Pravda praises present Russian relations with the United States under President Obama. “Exactly at a time when Russia and the USA are finding that they have far more in common than differences, exactly when they see that they are much more friends than foes, when they see that there is so much to be gained through collaboration, a foul-mouthed, big-headed oaf like Romney with more money than sense makes a comment that reveals who he really is to the world: a pea-brained, pith-headed simpleton with too much testosterone and too little common sense, with zero tact, no diplomacy and a paramount grasp on the intricacies of world politics. A prize, good-for-nothing ignoramus,” writes Pravda.

The piece ends by threatening Romney. “So talking about geopolitical foes…next time Mitt Romney had better back off, butt out and mind his manners, so as not to appear like a foul-mouthed guttersnipe whose utter ignorance and pig-headed arrogance is only too clear for all to see. See how he walked straight into this one, ladies and gentlemen? Imagine THAT as your President…”

How dare these communist propagandists write an article like this! Butt out of our political system until you find some civility to your tone. Not only is this an attack piece but nasty and dirty propaganda that you have been preaching for over 70 years or more.

I don’t trust communists and never will. I know that I am not alone on this, ask the people of Poland, Hungry, Czechoslovakia and other countries you held under your thumb for all those years. They don’t want you back in their lives and I don’t want you in my life or in my country’s life.

Last night, Dancing with the Stars said goodbye to Martina Navratilova the tennis pro. As I said in my last blog she was dancing like a sack of potatoes but I thought with the judges giving her praises for her last two dances they may have saved her. But no – she is outta here!

I found it interesting that the three stars with the lowest scores were, Martina, Gavin (who I thought would have been the first one to go) and Roshon. Roshon is the youngest star and a Disney kid that seems to have an attitude to hip hop music and dancing. His partner Chelsea has a lot of work to do to get him to be a dancer. I think Roshon was shocked as well; maybe he isn’t as popular as he thought he was! He better step it up next week for the Latin dances or else he’ll find himself once again in the bottom three.

But then there is Maria Menounos who is Derek’s partner. She has two broken ribs but insists that she is all right and can continue on. You know she is Greek and Greeks are strong or at least that is what she says. We’ll see what happens. This may be the week of crying and tears for her to add to the drama of this show.

I was happy to see that Melissa and Maks are coming back. I hope the judges prove my theory wrong that the judges are out to get Maks. We’ll see as the weeks go on.

Watching the second week of Dancing with the Stars, I just couldn’t figure out why the judges gave Melissa Gilbert and Maks a 20 for their Quick Step? I think they did a great job and Maks pushed Melissa to try difficult steps. But they seemed to have a lot of criticism about the dance. Granted, she did slip but I’m sure it was because of her dress being so long. Or is it because they don’t particularly like Maks? You know about the kerfuffle he had last season with the judges, where Maks called the judges out on some of their scoring. Is this season retribution towards Maks? If so, that’s not fair to Melissa Gilbert. She is doing a great job in performing on her level and I’m sure in a couple of more weeks she will be dancing great.

Then there was Gladys Knight’s Quick Step. She did well for a woman “her age” on this dance. I hope she stays around a couple more weeks, I do like watching her.

Most of the other stars’ performances were good also but Mark and Katherine Jenkins are real contenders this season. Katherine is so cute, she is shy about moving her “naughty bit” but she performed!

Then there was Gavin DeGraw. Poor Karina, she has a dud this season. He is a singer and songwriter but has absolutely no musicality in his body! And wassup with that hat he wears all the time? I saw a tweet from a viewer and they were wondering what is underneath his hat? He’s probably bald and there is nothing under the hat!!

Tony has a lot of work to do with Martina Navratilova! It was nice to see her last week but this week she was nothing but a sack of potatoes dancing!

However, my prediction will be Gavin being the first to leave the show.

Last night’s 14th season show of Dancing with the Stars was probably the better début show in a long time. When you look at the stars that are dancing, it becomes obvious that most of them are entertainers and performers. Maybe that is why this first show of the season seemed pretty good.

Here are the stars dancing: Melissa Gilbert, Sherri Shepard, Jaleel White, Martina Navratilova, Jack Wagner, Gavin DeGraw, Donald Driver, Gladys Knight, Roshon Fegan, William Levy, Maria Menounos, and Katherine Jenkins.

I loved watching Gladys Knight’s Cha Cha Cha. She was moving just fine for her age and had great musicality – duh! She’s my favorite singer and I’m glad she wasn’t there with her Pips. She said that the Pips wouldn’t let her dance. Too bad, not only does she have a great voice she can really move!

As everyone knows Melissa Gilbert as “half-pint” from “Little House on the Prairie,” her story was very sad. She went through a divorce and then recently broke her back! Oh my! So if she seems stiff, I think it is because she still is being careful with her back. Let her dance for a couple of more weeks and I’m sure her partner Maks will flex her out.

Everyone on the show was truly amazed how Martina Navratilova cleaned up so well. Martina is not a pretty woman but looked elegant with her hair done and wearing really nice clothes. Her Fox Trot was slow but her partner, Tony, knows how to bring out the best in his stars.

The most excited star was Sherri Shepard. She seemed to love everything she was doing. Her partner, Val, seems to be very patient with her and that’s good. Hope she keeps up the excitement.

If you don’t get the Spanish channel, William Levy is an actor on one of their shows and is known as a TV idol like Brad Pitt. He’s nice to look at and really did well with his Cha Cha Cha with his partner Cheryl. He seems so unassuming and embarrassed with all the attention. So I guess that’s what makes him sexy?

Don’t know what the story is on Donald Driver, he’s a football player. He was moving and grooving with his Cha Cha Cha and everyone was amazed. I guess I missed the joke. Also I think the audience wanted a higher score. Well, moving and grooving is only part of the Cha Cha Cha, he needs to be technically right as well.

The judges were very kind this first dance. They gave mostly 7’s and 8’s. Except for Katherine Jones and Jaleel White – he was “Urkel” on Family Matters sitcom show. They received 9’s. They did a great job and hopefully they can keep up the momentum

Next week another Monday night of dances and then on Tuesday a star will be eliminated. We’ll see how well the stars do next week.