DWTS second week – are the judges short changing Maks?

Posted on: March 27, 2012

Watching the second week of Dancing with the Stars, I just couldn’t figure out why the judges gave Melissa Gilbert and Maks a 20 for their Quick Step? I think they did a great job and Maks pushed Melissa to try difficult steps. But they seemed to have a lot of criticism about the dance. Granted, she did slip but I’m sure it was because of her dress being so long. Or is it because they don’t particularly like Maks? You know about the kerfuffle he had last season with the judges, where Maks called the judges out on some of their scoring. Is this season retribution towards Maks? If so, that’s not fair to Melissa Gilbert. She is doing a great job in performing on her level and I’m sure in a couple of more weeks she will be dancing great.

Then there was Gladys Knight’s Quick Step. She did well for a woman “her age” on this dance. I hope she stays around a couple more weeks, I do like watching her.

Most of the other stars’ performances were good also but Mark and Katherine Jenkins are real contenders this season. Katherine is so cute, she is shy about moving her “naughty bit” but she performed!

Then there was Gavin DeGraw. Poor Karina, she has a dud this season. He is a singer and songwriter but has absolutely no musicality in his body! And wassup with that hat he wears all the time? I saw a tweet from a viewer and they were wondering what is underneath his hat? He’s probably bald and there is nothing under the hat!!

Tony has a lot of work to do with Martina Navratilova! It was nice to see her last week but this week she was nothing but a sack of potatoes dancing!

However, my prediction will be Gavin being the first to leave the show.


2 Responses to "DWTS second week – are the judges short changing Maks?"

THe Judges are DEFINITELY picking on Melissa Gilbert!! I noticed it the very first time! I don’t see how much better she could have danced last night! This is NOT right!! Glad others have also noticed.

You are right but then last night’s episode they seemed much nicer but I think they gave her a low score, she definitely did better than Sherri Shepard. The fans have to keep voting for Melissa to keep her in the show. Maks is a terrific dancer and teacher and it looks like Melissa and Maks are getting along beautifully.

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