DTWS – tears and emotional dance night

Posted on: April 3, 2012

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars featured the stars dancing various dances to their most important event of their lives. Once again there was crying and sadness among the stars as they recalled the events and quite frankly it was a bit hokey! I don’t know why I keep watching this show. The only reason is that this season the stars are dancing much better and with the judges feeling generous the contest is quite close.

Of course, Katherine Jenkins and William Levy are at the top of the leader board along with Maria Menounos- you know she has several broken ribs. Then Jaleel White is next but his dance partner Kym is fantastic. She could make a two-left feet dancer look awesome! Along with Roshon Fegan who did a tribute to Michael Jackson, are at the top of the pack and it is getting tight.

However, in the middle of the pack are Melisa Gilbert, Sherri Shepard, Jack Wagner, Gavin DeGraw – by the way he does have hair underneath his hat, thin hair but some hair! – Donald Driver, and Gladys Knight. So you see there is no way to tell who will be going home tonight. They are all bunched up.

But I think there are three stars in jeopardy – Gavin DeGraw, Sherri Shepard and maybe Gladys Knight. Now I really don’t want Glady Knight to go, she is so sweet to watch and at 66 years old she is doing a nice job.

As I said last night’s dances were hokey especially when you have Brooke Burke asking the stars, how difficult was it to get through your dance? Oh please, most of the dancers broke down in tears. Now I can’t tell if they were true tears or alligator tears. But the show is turning so       hokey!


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