A star goes back to her day job on DWTS

Posted on: April 11, 2012

Last night’s elimination round on Dancing with the Stars took one of the stars back to her day job. Sherri Shepard was eliminated and now can devote full time to her commentary on the View. As I said before, she really didn’t have much talent when it came to dancing and this was a good thing that she was eliminated.

Of course, she cried and said how wonderful it was to be on the show and everyone who has a fear of doing something just do it and you will overcome your fears. Whatever!

Melissa Gilbert wasn’t at the elimination last night because of her concussion she suffered the night before. Found out that Maks hurt his arm but he’s a real trooper and was there at the show.

Now this leaves only nine stars to dance next week. Hopefully they will give Gladys Knight a good song to dance to and unfortunately we have to watch one more week of Gavin DeGraw stumble and bumble his way through a dance.


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