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Everybody loves apps for their phones don’t they? So this new Obama Clock App sounds like an interesting app if you like this sort of thing. The app is a countdown to either Barack Obama’s second inauguration or his final days as President of the United States. The application will download and update the following important voter metrics:

His approval rating, the public debt, the unemployment level, gasoline cost per gallon and the housing price index are included in this app. With information like this it just might make you a knowledgeable voter to decide if Obama is reelected or not.

The cost of the app is ninety-nine cents from Trojan Tree and lets you refresh your data simply by pressing Obama’s Trojan Tree Pin. You can also connect with the Obama Clock Facebook Page to stay up to date on the President and share with your friends.

The company is already working on future enhancements.

If you get this app let me know how it works.

There are millions of apps in App Stores and Android Markets but this one sounds like a fun type of app. If you recall the 7 Deadly Sins are Gluttony, Pride, Lust, Anger, Sloth, Greed and Envy. Now there are apps for all of these and even some to repair the damage from the 7 Deadly Sins.

Pride – This app is for all of you who think you are the most important person in the world. The $1.99 “Everyday” iPhone app prompts you to take photos of yourself once a day to document your visual history over time. The app offers a grid for you to
align your features to make sure that every picture is taken in the same position. It then puts it together so you can create a video montage of your face over time. Don’t think that this app isn’t popular because it has about 600,000 vain people snapping pictures of themselves.

Gluttony – is the sin of excess. The app “You the Man” is dedicated to getting your home safely when you are in an inebriated state. It has a GPS-enablement app iPhone that calculates your blood-alcohol level and pinpoints your location and finds rides nearby. It also directs you to the nearest subway or bus routes. This was created by the New York City Department of Transit and it is free for New Yorkers and visiting tourists. Also there is a “Last Night App” that costs 99 cents for iPhone users that allows you to easily delete your Facebook and Twitter photos, comments and messages if you were partying too much the night before. There is a button on this app called “Last Night Never Happened.”

Lust – if you are like Jimmy Carter that only “lusts in his heart for women” you won’t have to worry about leaving a paper trail. “Tiger Text” app gives your text messages a shelf life from 1 minute to 30 days. When the time expires it vanishes from both the sender and the recipients phones. There is also an app to help you out on booty calls. The New York City Health Department released a free app for Valentine’s Day to help you find free condoms around the city.

Anger – for those of you that have anger management issues there is an app to assist you. EDB Media’s “Personal Power Path Anger Management” app takes you through a six-week program, offers instructional videos, daily motivational messaging and
community support. It cost $19.99 but is much cheaper than a night or two in jail for fighting. But if you want to embrace your rage, try playing an app game called “Angry Birds.” Birds are used to attack evil pigs who have stolen their eggs by killing the pigs.

Sloth – for all of those couch potatoes, “Peel” is for you. This free app helps you find new TV shows to watch. For $100 you can have a Peel controller so you won’t have to reach for the remote. The control can be used to control your entire home-entertainment system through your iPhone.

Greed – lets you gamble on the go. “Viaden Media’s Blackjack” is available for Applet’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch for $1.99. You get a real dealer’s voice and updates with a leader board displaying the top gamblers. You can also get “Texas Hold’em
Poker” were you can buy 5 million virtual chips for only $5.00.

Envy – can afflict your life so if you want to be sure that you don’t have a streak of envy or jealousy in you, the 99 cent “Jealousy” app can help. It asks you a series of probing questions about your relationship. “Do you think he/she is unable to resist temptation?” and “Do you trust him/her?” The app then calculates a score and offers up a “test result,” giving you an inside look at how jealous you may be. If you want to flaunt your security — or insecurity — you can post the result to Facebook.

So there you have it. If you have the time and money enjoy yourself with the 7 Deadly Sins apps.