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An article on MSNBC, shows just how gullible people can be. First of all, there is no way that the federal government will be paying for your utility bills especially if you have to give them your personal information. There are state programs to help people pay for their utility bills but there is no such federal program.

As a result, scammers are using a form of identity theft that has already claimed thousands of victims. These scammers are so bold they will even contact you by going door-to-door with this bogus utility bill payment scam. They are convincing unsuspected people that a special federal government assistance program has been set up – they describe it as a bailout authorized by President Barack Obama’s administration- to help pay utility bills.

But here is the catch, you have to “register” with them and give them your Social Security number and other personal information, i.e. bank account number. Obviously there is no such program. But these scammers are shrewd, they us door-to-door solicitation, Facebook, emails and tweets to convince people. Then these victims pass it on to their family and friends through these social networks. This is how the scam is growing.

Once again, if it is too good to be true it’s probably a scam. If you are having problems paying your utility bill, contact your utility company and work out payments with them. They are often very willing to get payments from you than no payment at all.

Has this happened to you, you pick up the phone and immediately get a recording from “Political Opinions of America” asking you to take a survey? They even say that there is a reward if you answer these questions. Well forget about it – it is just a new scam by telemarketers.

According to an article on Fox News, companies are disguising their sales pitch as poll questions just to scam you out of your money as well as time. Here is how it works: An automated voice asks the recipient to complete a quick survey with questions like: “What’s the most important thing to restore our economy?” Other questions include: “How would you rate the job that President Obama is doing?”

After answering, the user is transferred to a live operator from “corporate travel services” who is giving away free cruises thanks to an anonymous donor. The offer allows up to four free guests and requires a $60 per person “port fee” to be secured by a credit card.

That alone should be a warning flag – never give out your credit card number to anyone soliciting to you. Hang up immediately or even better hang up when you hear that they are from “Political Opinions of America.”

But take heart, a Boston law firm is preparing a potential class-action lawsuit against a Florida-based The Berkley Group, which is behind the campaign. The law firm says, “When, one is offered a ‘free’ cruise, which is really designed to expose people to sales pitches for vacation timeshares. If you received such a call, you may have a claim against these companies, whether or not you paid them any money.”

FTC officials said to remember that if the purpose of the call is to sell something, its telemarketing and all rules apply. Simply adding a few questions about unrelated topics such as politics or weather does not constitute a bona fide survey. At least two similar “sham survey” ruses have resulted in enforcement actions against companies for such illegal calls.

To add your number to the national Do Not Registry, call   (888) 382-1222 from the phone you wish to register.

Well it’s about time!

For over a year, Eric Holder has been stonewalling, twisting his story and covering up what he knew and didn’t know about Fast and Furious. According to an article by Katie Pavlich of Townhall, Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee said that within weeks he will file contempt charges against Eric Holder.

Holder still won’t comply with congressional subpoenas for the Fast and Furious documents. Many of the documents were due by February 9 and now it is near the end of April.

You may not know but Katie Pavlich has written a book titled “Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Coverup” that delves into this subject. I have not had a chance to read the book but I’m sure she has done extensive research on this subject. She was on Bill O’Reilly the other night discussing her book and it seems that old Bill was skeptical about her findings. I’m not, I have read a lot of Katie Pavlich articles and she is a true journalist and deals only in facts.

As Katie says in her article, “The question now becomes, will perjury charges follow charges of contempt? After all, Holder has changed his testimony about what he knew and when he knew about Fast and Furious multiple times, under oath in front of Congress.”

Chairman Issa should also be looking into what Janet Napolitano, the third Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, also knew about this as well. How far up the chain of command did this go? Maybe we’ll have a May or June surprise coming soon that will shake up this Administration.

I know it’s the Holiday Season but with all the bad news floating around, i.e. Fast and Furious, drones crashing, Congress still arguing about payroll tax relief and unemployment insurance, I thought a funny story about a stupid criminal would be a nice relief.

In Beaver, Pennsylvania, a nineteen-year-old man, Devonte Davon Jeter, was one of four men in a car stopped by the police back in May of this year. Police discovered marijuana in the car and arrested all the men. They really didn’t know which one was in possession of the marijuana but Mr. Jeter helped them out.

He asked the arresting officer if he could have his weed back. Of course his defense attorney claims that the bag of weed could have belong to one of the other three men. But with Mr. Jeter asking for return of his bag of weed, the judge decided that he should be held over for marijuana possession trial.

Your smile for the day – thanks to another stupid criminal.

The Obama Administration has abruptly sealed court records containing alarming details of Fast and Furious. As you may recall, this was a gun running episode to Mexican drug smugglers that went horribly wrong. A U.S. Border Patrol Agent was murdered with a gun connected to a failed federal experiment that allowed firearms to be smuggled into Mexico.

Once again Attorney General Eric Holder is doing all he can to cover his behind. All information will now be kept from public as well as the media.

Isn’t this supposed to be the most “transparent” administration in history? Why can’t we, the public, as well as the media find out details about the killing of the federal agent (Brian Terry) last December in Arizona’s Peck Canyon? Operation Fast and Furious was conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). The Justice Department was also involved and was willing to turn over thousands of guns to Mexican criminal gangs. So what is the Obama administration trying to hide from us?

Once again, I’m calling for Eric Holder to resign or at the very least criminal action brought against him by Congress.

File this under not only stupid criminals but also egotistical criminals!  A Colorado man held a Kansas couple hostage while fleeing from authorities.  Jesse Dimmick is now serving an 11-year sentence for kidnapping, fleeing from law enforcement and stealing a motor vehicle. When he committed the crime he was wanted for questioning in a Colorado man’s beating death at an Aurora motel.

Dimmick burst into the Rowley’s Topeka, Kansas home in September 2009 after crashing a stolen van in their yard during a police chase where he held the Rowley’s hostage until he fell asleep. That is when the Rowleys escaped. Officers then stormed the house.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that Dimmick filed a breach of contract suit in Shawnee County District Court in response to a suit the couple filed in September.  Dimmick contends that he and the couple reached a legally binding, oral contract that they would hide him for an unspecified amount of money.

Did he really believe that the couple agreed with that? I would agree to anything as long as this guy wouldn’t hurt or kill me. So this egotistical/stupid criminal is asking for $235,000 in damages from the so called breach of contract.

But then, the couple from Topeka isn’t too bright either. Why are they suing this low-life? He doesn’t have any money! But that’s what is happening now in this country; let’s sue each other for something to see if we can get any money.

Is this another sign of hard economic times or just thieves looking for quick cash for their drug habit? Police in Philadelphia, PA are  saying that there has been an increase of scrap X-ray films for cash. You see X-ray films have a certain amount of silver and when washed in chemicals the silver is left to be sold for its cash value which is about $31.00 an ounce.

Hospitals in the Philadelphia area aren’t the only place where thieves are stealing. This seems to be happened around the country. The thieves steal old patient films, defective films and blank films. Police believe the thieves are posing as workers for a company that contract with hospitals to remove and recycle the X-rays.

However, if you are concerned about identity theft, hospital officials say the films do not include Social Security numbers, addresses, or any type of financial information.