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On this Veterans’ Day where our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines fought for our flag and our right to be free, go figure that a
Federal Judge in California has ruled that school administrators had the right to order California high school students to remove displays of the American flag from their clothing on Cinco De Mayo. According to this article in the Daily Caller, the judge based his decision on a concern that violence could have resulted from the display of the American flag on the Mexican holiday.

The judge further said that the administrators at Live Oak High School were in the right to make students turn their American flag bearing shirts inside-out or else they would be sent home for wearing what they called “incendiary” clothing.

Excuse me, the American flag a symbol of “incendiary” clothing? This is America where Americans live, why would this be an incendiary symbol? But then of course this is California and most of the students are Mexican-Americans and probably belong to gangs who love to threaten violence to American kids.

Even though there was no violence occurring that day between Mexican-Americans and real Americans, the judge said that the threat of it was sufficient enough to ban the shirts.

So now it is illegal to wear American flag shirts on any day that is a Mexican holiday because it may disturb and create violence among the Mexican-American community. This is the problem, immigrants who live in our country are not asked to assimilate to our culture and give allegiance to our country. But if they would become citizens of this country, they would know that is part of citizenship to our country.

So I’m asking: What is our country coming to?

With twenty-eight Congressional Representatives asking for Eric Holder to resign, the Department of Justice just happened to find a large amount of documentation relating to Operation Fast & Furious. What this means that the DoJ did know about the “gunwalking” across the US-Mexico border.

Interestingly one memo shows that Lanny Breuer, head of the DoJ’s criminal division and well-connected lieutenant of Attorney General Eric Holder not only knew of the practice and warned that the practice could end up “embarrassing” the ATF. But in a twist Lanny Breuer issued a statement that he “regrets” not warning DoJ officials about this.

You mean to tell me that Mr. Breuer kept it all secret as far back as last April? He never told his boss Eric Holder? There were never
communications up the line? Sounds fishy to me!

Ed Morrissey from Hot Air also has doubts in his article when he says, “But this does something else as well; it acts as a firewall for Eric Holder and the White House, at least for the moment. Breuer’s admission contains one key component — “regrets” for not having informed his superiors. Breuer appears ready to argue that the knowledge of gunwalking only went as high as his desk,  and that Breuer never told Holder about the effort. That’s going to be difficult to believe, especially since we already know that the White House got extensively briefed on the matter directly from the Phoenix office.  Are we to believe that Breuer didn’t get
asked about this from above, or that the White House wouldn’t have asked Holder about an operation conducted in his own fiefdom?  It seems unlikely that the buck stopped at Breuer’s desk, especially given the international implications of gunwalking
across the border.”

I guess when you lie to Congress one needs to find a fall guy and this time it is Lanny Breuer. I’m sure that Congress will get to the
bottom of this and find the right person responsible for this.

From the Associated Press and Fox News, Federal agents arrested several suspected bosses of Mexican drug syndicate in Utah. The Utah based cell of the Sinaloa cartel yielded seven arrests. This drug bust was part of an 18-month investigation that arrested 30 in Utah, California and Nevada.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said that they arrested the boss of the cell. This was the guy who was coordinating the  shipments coming to Utah from Mexico and California. The cell was deeply entrenched in the Salt Lake City area and handling large amounts of methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin.

The drugs were being sold locally and repackaged for distribution elsewhere in the U.S. Most of the drugs were being moved into Utah in small packages by couriers. In addition, over the course of the investigation, authorities also seized more than 30 pounds of methamphetamine, 200 pounds of marijuana, a kilogram of heroin and a kilogram of cocaine, as well as more than $322,000 and guns.

A pound of methamphetamine is worth about $14,000 on the street.

If you don’t know who the “Dougherty Gang” was you must have been in isolation for the last week. These were three siblings on the run who committed crime sprees starting in Florida and finally ending up in Colorado. Because of their crime spree throughout these states, they were immediately put on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.

The eldest was a sister age 29, Lee Grace Dougherty, who was an occasional stripper, her brother Ryan Edward Dougherty age 21, and a third brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley age 26. The brothers were drug users and one was a convicted sex offender. And by the way they were heavily armed with an AK-47 and other essential firearms that bad guys like to use.

But on Wednesday morning near the sleepy town of Walsenburg on the Front Range, they were captured. Now I know something about troopers who work with the Colorado State Patrol. A relative of mine is a trooper. Many times troopers will work overtime that includes traffic control around a construction area. Because the roads are state roads, State Troopers are used to enforce the speed limit around constructions sites.

This time, a brave and highly trained Trooper was caught in the high speed chase from the local sheriff’s department. Every State Patrol car has stop sticks in their car and was trained to stop the pursuit. He laid out stop sticks to deflate the car’s tires. When the vehicle hit the stop sticks it rolled off the highway. During the chase they were shooting at the officers involved in the chase. When Lee jumped out of the rolled vehicle she continued to shoot at the officers and the Trooper shot her in the leg. Her one brother
gave up at immediately but the second brother ran away. Police chased him down and arrested him.

At the end all three of the “Dougherty Gang” was apprehended. The three were taken to Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center in
Walsenburg, where they were checked for minor injuries before being transferred to Pueblo County Jail. Each is being charged with four counts of first-degree assault on a peace officer. And I’m sure other charges will be set once all the police agencies from Florida to Georgia and beyond finish with them.

All I have to say is – never mess with Colorado State Troopers. They are highly trained and professional and they will find you and
arrest you. Great job to our Troopers and I’m glad no one was seriously injured.

Recently, more than 80 people have been arrested by federal, state and local law enforcement officers in an organized crime ring that spans from Los Angeles to Miami. A Denver, CO woman was among 102 accused organized crime member and faces federal indictments.

The indictments allege literally hundreds of criminal acts in three states. This includes extortion and kidnapping to firearms trafficking and health care fraud. These crime gangs used violence and intimidation to commit these crimes for profit.

The Armenian Power gang members, as they are known, are associated with other transnational crime gangs with ties to organized crime. These gang members are bad people. They bring fear into the communities, defraud innocent victims and put the safety and security of neighborhoods at risk.The majority of those charged were Armenia organized crime members in Southern California and Miami street gang members.

The woman from Denver, Nadezda Nikitina, 24, was charged with conspiring with others to make false statements to the United States on credit and loan applications. She established a shell company and then used that shell company to apply for business and personal credit cards, car loans and leases, consumer loans and a home equity loan. She claimed she was the owner or an employee of the company. She is also charged with 10 counts of false statements on credit and loan applications, bank fraud and wire fraud.