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For the past couple of weeks, I have been busy and neglected my web blog – for this I apologize. But when I saw this article I just had to share it with all of you and of course share the first stupid criminal of the year.

Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop (this is his real legal name) was arrested for marijuana possession. This man’s given name was Jeffrey Drew Wilschke but he changed his name because I guess he felt that it didn’t reflect his inner self or something like that.

He was booked for marijuana possession and wielding a knife in a Madison, Wisconsin park. He also has an arrest from last April for possessing a handgun in another Madison park.

So our first stupid criminal of the year has three strikes against him – his name, being a druggy and from Wisconsin the state of cheese heads!

Congratulations Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop –Bop-Bop.

I know it’s the Holiday Season but with all the bad news floating around, i.e. Fast and Furious, drones crashing, Congress still arguing about payroll tax relief and unemployment insurance, I thought a funny story about a stupid criminal would be a nice relief.

In Beaver, Pennsylvania, a nineteen-year-old man, Devonte Davon Jeter, was one of four men in a car stopped by the police back in May of this year. Police discovered marijuana in the car and arrested all the men. They really didn’t know which one was in possession of the marijuana but Mr. Jeter helped them out.

He asked the arresting officer if he could have his weed back. Of course his defense attorney claims that the bag of weed could have belong to one of the other three men. But with Mr. Jeter asking for return of his bag of weed, the judge decided that he should be held over for marijuana possession trial.

Your smile for the day – thanks to another stupid criminal.

File this under not only stupid criminals but also egotistical criminals!  A Colorado man held a Kansas couple hostage while fleeing from authorities.  Jesse Dimmick is now serving an 11-year sentence for kidnapping, fleeing from law enforcement and stealing a motor vehicle. When he committed the crime he was wanted for questioning in a Colorado man’s beating death at an Aurora motel.

Dimmick burst into the Rowley’s Topeka, Kansas home in September 2009 after crashing a stolen van in their yard during a police chase where he held the Rowley’s hostage until he fell asleep. That is when the Rowleys escaped. Officers then stormed the house.

The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that Dimmick filed a breach of contract suit in Shawnee County District Court in response to a suit the couple filed in September.  Dimmick contends that he and the couple reached a legally binding, oral contract that they would hide him for an unspecified amount of money.

Did he really believe that the couple agreed with that? I would agree to anything as long as this guy wouldn’t hurt or kill me. So this egotistical/stupid criminal is asking for $235,000 in damages from the so called breach of contract.

But then, the couple from Topeka isn’t too bright either. Why are they suing this low-life? He doesn’t have any money! But that’s what is happening now in this country; let’s sue each other for something to see if we can get any money.

From North Beaver Township, PA – bold and brazen thieves stole a 50-foot-long bridge last week. The bridge, around 20 feet wide, was in a wooded area along a railroad line in the township’s Covert’s Crossing region. The bridge wasn’t owned by the municipality and was not to have been used as a township road span. (That means no money from the Obama’s Jobs Program to rebuild this bridge.)

The bridge was made out of corrugated steel and valued at approximately $100,000. The thieves used a cutting torch to dismantle the bridge and carried it out. Because scrap metal including copper and steel value is increasing explains why these thieves targeted this bridge

Too bad they didn’t use their energy to help build one. They stole the bridge late in the night and by morning it was gone.  I’m sure the police have alerted all scrap metal yards to be on the lookout for a fifty-foot by twenty-foot bridge.

This is priceless!

A car thief in New York stole a minivan but quickly returned it to its owner. Why did he do this? Because the best deterrent was in the car – two kids and a poodle!

Here’s what happened. The father of the two boys parked his minivan outside a store to buy a leash for his toy poodle. He left the vehicle running. That’s when the not so bright thief decided to steal the car. I say not so bright because a minivan is not exactly a hot car to steal, but I guess the thief was desperate.

But when the thief drove off with a yapping poodle and probably obnoxious kids in the car he changed his mind. The kids claimed that the thief was mad that there wasn’t enough change in the change tray to steal the car. I think it was that the thief decided that he couldn’t handle the chaos in the minivan.

But it gets better – the thief dropped the car off at the owner’s house and left on foot. Now that’s a polite thief isn’t it? Or maybe a
thief that realized that he was stupid!

Yes, even cops do stupid things and can be part of “Stupid Criminals.” Take for instance this officer in Indiana who was charged with drunken driving while towing a trailer for the department’s DARE program. The officer claims that he was distracted by his dog who was riding in the back of his pickup truck. As I say, you can’t make these things up!

As you know the DARE program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program) is used in nearly 80% of the school districts in the United States, in 54 other countries around the world, and is taught to 36,000,000 students each year. This is a highly popular program with teens in trying to reduce alcohol and drug use.

But when a police officer is arrested after sideswiping a parked car and hitting a tree because he was DUI, someone needs to look into who is doing the training.  What a great role model this guy is!

Some may say Casey Anthony may be the worse Mother of the Year but this woman takes the award, hands down! A Connecticut
Mom is charged
with forcing her 4-year-old son to drink beer and giving beer and cocaine to her 10-month-old daughter.

Juliette Dunn age 29 was arrested after a neighbor flagged down police and told them the woman was feeding beer to her children at the Success Village playground in Bridgeport. Dunn and her 33-year-old companion, Lisa Jefferson, were both arrested and charged with assault and risk of injury to a minor.

Dunn allegedly gave a 40-ounce bottle of beer to the boy and told him to chug it down. When the youngster was tested he was tested positive for alcohol and the little girl was also tested positive for cocaine.

Needless to say, both children are in protective custody and the women are in jail in lieu of $100,000 bond. Hope the courts will not give these kids back to her. When you try to “calm” your kids with beer, cocaine or chloroform bad things happen to the kids. Try this recipe – a nice warm bath and milk and cookies do the trick all the time.

It wasn’t the crime this stupid criminal committed it was the reason why he called the police. A Chicago man was arrested last week after he called the police to report that someone had stolen his two pounds of marijuana.

Twenty year old Max Fleck told police that three men had entered his apartment and robbed him and a 19-year old male companion of his marijuana and a laptop. He was hit in the face and his companion was struck in the head with a bottle by the robbers.

However, when police arrived they found more narcotics in Fleck’s apartment and arrested him on four separate charges – two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance and two counts of possession of cannabis. I guess the initial robbers are at- large stoking-up and surfing for porn!

Yes, Mr. Fleck made the right choice to call police because his stash was stolen but then that is what happens when you are high on pot and have no reasoning left in your brain.  Another stupid criminal gets his just rewards.

This must be the grossest peeping tom incident ever!

Boulder, Colorado last weekend held a Hanuman Yoga Festival. Probably 90% of the participants were women and they provided portable toilets for this event. Luke Irvin Christo age 30, thought he would get his “jollies” by hiding inside a portable toilet and peep at women relieving themselves.

He lay in wait INSIDE the toilet with his head under the seat. A woman noticed something moving inside the tank covered in a tarp when she lifted the lid. She quickly left the portable toilet and asked a man to check out what she saw.

The man told police he walked outside and heard the toilet door lock from inside. A festival security supervisor waiting outside said a
man eventually emerged covered in feces. He chased the man but lost him. I guess he couldn’t follow his nose!

But good news – the peeping tom was caught in Vail on a traffic charge unrelated to the incident. We don’t know if he still smells but I’m sure he will get a shower in jail.

Here is the link to the picture of the portable toilet where he laid in waiting.

You know when times are tough when thieves try to steal train tracks for get cash for the metal tracks. In a town near Sacramento,  California, a pair of thieves spent hours dismantling a section of the Manteca railroad tracks before being busted by the cops.

In fact these thieves were working very hard during the day to steal the train tracks. An employee who works for the private train company that uses the tracks called police. They were stealing the rails and the iron that held the rails together.

Now this is a tedious task and obviously the thieves didn’t have the proper tools for the job. They were using poles to wedge and pull
everything up. However, they managed to strip 100 yards of the track. The iron from the tracks would bring a good price as scrap metal.

If these thieves would have worked on stealing from the nearby Union Pacific line they would have had been charged with a federal
crime. Because this was a private track line they are still in trouble but not with the feds.

Just think of all that energy they used could have been used for more productive use, but then stupid criminals do stupid things.