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First of all, Dancing with the Stars should scrap the “classical music” night because no one could dance to it! Try dancing a rhumba to classical music that is made for a minuet, can’t do it! Granted Katherine Jenkins did an elegant job of trying to dance to this type of music but it fell short. But then the judges gave her a score of 27 all nines. Not bad.

Then there was Melissa Gilbert who danced the Argentine Tango to the “Marriage of Figaro.” Not an easy task. The judges didn’t like it all and gave her a total score of 21. Look, I think she did a good job. Her partner, Maks, has an injured ankle and they did the best they could have done. I know the competition is heating up but to dance to this type of music is lunacy! Unfortunately, Melissa got the lowest score of the evening. Are the judges looking to eliminate her? Are the judges targeting Maks again and blaming it on him for not creating a good dance performance? Their lifts and how they told the story of how another man wanted to take away the woman he loves from another man at the altar was very good. But no, Maks got dinged again and unfortunately, Melissa was the recipient of the judges’ bias.

Donald Driver danced the Viennese Waltz and did a good job. He received a score of 27. Jaleel White also danced a Viennese Waltz but I didn’t think the music he danced to was very “classical.” That gave him a slight edge and he scored a total of 27.

Roshon Fegan danced an Argentine Tango and Len said that his dance was clean and confident, I thought it was okay. Roshon was seeking help on how to be “a man” when dancing instead of a boy. Oh please, that is so hokey! His performance scored a 25.

William Levy danced a beautiful Viennese Waltz to “Ava Maria” sung by the most wonder prodigy singer of all time, Jacki Evancho. She was the highlight of the night for me because she is a beautiful operatic singer at the tender age of 12. She has been performing opera since she was ten years old. What a beautiful little girl who shows that she loves what she does. Hope she sings for a long, long time.

But back to William’s dance. It was lovely, lyrical and beautiful. The judges praised him but only gave him nines with score of 27. Go figure?

Then there was Maria Menounos and Derek. They danced a Paso Doble to some weird classical music. Maria was wearing fangs – OMG – and the story theme was that she was a vampire and bit Derek at the end of the dance. Nice and gimmicky BUT the judges loved it and gave her a perfect score of 30. No bias there, right?

The team dances were the Tango and Paso Doble. The judges gave team Tango a score of 27 and team Paso was scored a 26. Now I really think a Paso is more demanding and dramatic and I liked it. But then of course on team Paso was William Levey, Melissa Gilbert (that brought their score down because the judges don’t like Maks) and Donald Driver.

Tonight is elimination night. I predict Melissa and maybe Jaleel or Roshon will have to dance off to “please” the judges. But I think the judges have already decided to eliminate Melissa. Too bad, she was progressing very well.


Just as I predicted, Gladys was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars. Too bad, her dance off duel Jive was really good. She was in the dance off duel with Roshon – just like I predicted too. I hate it when I’m right especially when it comes to this classy lady, Gladys Knight.

It just seems odd that Carrie Anne picked Gladys to save and Len who was praising Gladys picked Roshon to save. I knew Bruno would pick Roshon but it seems that right from the get go the judges made up their minds. Carrie Anne picked Gladys to save just to save face for Gladys. Just my hunch can’t prove anything.

Next week will be Classical dances. The remaining stars need to work hard and give it all they got.

I don’t know about you, but I just loved Dancing with the Stars last night! I love Motown and with such greats like Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and Martha Reeves singing all night, I was in “hog heaven!”

Granted Martha Reeves only sang one song – Jimmy Mac – I love that song because it brings back good memories. Maria Menounos and Derek danced a Fox Trot and as usual really good choreography but they did have a slight slip up at the end on the steps.

Smokey Robinson sang the most. He is famous for his smooth style and the stars danced a waltz and rhumba to his songs. I was glad that they featured him with his most famous song, “Tears of a Clown.”

But then “The Temptations” brought down the house with “My Girl”, “The Way you do the things you do,” and “I can’t get next to you.” Wow and double Wow! Loved it.

My gal, Gladys’ rhumba was first up. It was nice but not high caliber. You can tell she was happy being on last night’s show. But I’m afraid Gladys may be taking the “Midnight Train to Georgia” on elimination night.

Katherine Jenkins and William Levy were fantastic as usual. Donald Driver and Jaleel White brought their “A” game. Melissa Gilbert looked scared dancing her waltz but Carrie Anne told her that she was going in the right direction, whatever that means? Roshon Fegan’s rhumba was hot and sexy but there were too many jerky movements. He may not last another dance.

My prediction on the dance off tonight – Gladys Knight and Roshon Fegan.

Last night, Gavin DeGraw and Jaleel White had a “dance off” to see who would stay. But both singers wanted a “sing off” instead! Of course that didn’t happen. I could have told you when it came to dancing Gavin was the one to be eliminated because he has no musicality at all. Strange for a singer but his two left feet let him down.

I don’t know if I like this “dance off” thing. Look, all of us know which stars can dance and which ones can’t. So why prolong the agony? Many viewers vote on their favorite stars to stay but then there are viewers who will vote for who can dance. I am the latter of the two.

Right now I see this competition lining up this way: Top dancers, Katherine Jenkins and William Levy, followed by Jaleel White (yes he can dance!), then followed way behind by Melissa Gilbert (sorry, she hasn’t stepped up her performance) Donald Driver (he’s powerful but no “twinkle toes”) Maria Menounos (she is flamboyant but not much talent there) Roshon Fagan (still a kid trying to dance in a big guys arena) and finally my favorite Gladys Knight. I love Gladys Knight but her age has slowed her down. Maybe she will give it her all next week for Motown week, let’s hope so.

The show is over the half-way point now and the stars need to really step it up and show us if they can really dance. We’ll see what happens next week.

Whew, just watching all that Latin dancing was hot, hot, hot! I enjoyed listening to Santana playing some of their hits during the show.

From the Salsa, to the Samba and Argentine Tango, the stars brought their “A” game to Dancing with the Stars. Except for a few – like Gavin DeGraw’s Samba. OMG! He was awful, out of control and even Len said it was more of a “Shambo” instead of a “Samba.” So right Len, first time I agree with you.

The top dancers, William Levy and Katherine Jenkins performed their Argentine Tango to almost perfection. They both received 29 out of 30. Donald Driver’s Argentine Tango was powerful but he had some technical issues and received a 27. He didn’t seem happy but I agree with the score.

As for the Salsa dancers, Melissa Gilbert, Roshon Fegan and Maria Menounos were good but not great. Maria received a 27, Roshon a 26 and Melissa a 21. I don’t agree with the judges scoring especially for Melissa. She had more technique than Maria did and Roshon was too fast and not really in control some of the time. Carrie Anne said that Roshon was sexy in a Disney way – what the heck does that mean???

The Samba dancers were Jaleel White – great dancing he got a 24 – Gladys Knight got a 22 and of course my buddy Gavin DeGraw.  I really hope Gladys comes back next week. The theme next week is Motown! I love Motown and all of its music. It would be a shame if Gladys misses that one.

Tuesday night there will be a dance off between the bottom two couples. My prediction will be Gavin DeGraw and Melissa Gilbert. Melissa will win and Gavin will be eliminated. Keep Melissa in the competition folks, she still has a lot of dancing left in her.

Last night’s elimination round on Dancing with the Stars took one of the stars back to her day job. Sherri Shepard was eliminated and now can devote full time to her commentary on the View. As I said before, she really didn’t have much talent when it came to dancing and this was a good thing that she was eliminated.

Of course, she cried and said how wonderful it was to be on the show and everyone who has a fear of doing something just do it and you will overcome your fears. Whatever!

Melissa Gilbert wasn’t at the elimination last night because of her concussion she suffered the night before. Found out that Maks hurt his arm but he’s a real trooper and was there at the show.

Now this leaves only nine stars to dance next week. Hopefully they will give Gladys Knight a good song to dance to and unfortunately we have to watch one more week of Gavin DeGraw stumble and bumble his way through a dance.

Rock week on Dancing with the Stars proved to be more of bruising, battering and not so good dances for the stars. The judges were more demanding on technique for the tango, paso dobla, Vienna Waltz and Jive. The stars were thrown around and battered pretty badly. Maria Menounos has stress fractures on her feet and her partner Derek had to carry her after their dance. Then Melissa Gilbert whacked her head during her performance and went to the hospital. Her partner Maks slipped while dancing and of course that brought down their score.

Who said Rock was safe?

I was impressed that KISS performed at the beginning of the show. Thank goodness they wear makeup to cover up their age. They still looked like they did thirty years ago.

Then there was Brooke who kept saying the competition was really tough. I was tired of hearing that. Of course it’s tough competition the further you get into the show. The stars have to step up their performances and give their all.

Speaking of performances, I am so impressed by Katherine Jenkins. This quiet petite woman is a true performer. She claims that she has fears of showing aggression but her Paso Dobla was very good. But then the judges complained that her dance didn’t show enough “artistry” or “technique” – whatever that means. I think her performance was really good.

Gladys Knight’s Tango was okay but her music was terrible. Who could dance to a song that has no rhythm or beat to it? Her performance wasn’t very good and the judges gave her the lowest score of the night – 20. I don’t think it was all of her fault because of the music being so awful.

Donald Driver received the highest score of 27 for his Paso Dobla. He was very aggressive but I found that there weren’t too many dance steps that he had to contend with. He just walked around with his chest all puffed out.

How about Roshon Fegan’s Waltz? He did a very good job on the dance and just like Carrie Anne said it was like watching a Disney movie at the end where the prince got the princess and they danced off to happiness. Kinda corny but he did do a good job.

Gavin DeGraw’s Tango wasn’t very good. His turns were not complete, his posture was poor and he had missteps. But I think he was able to show some musicality with this dance. Carrie Anne said that he reminded her of Johnny Deep dancing a Tango. Are you kidding me? No way, what was Carrie Anne drinking during the show?

William Levy really messed up the Jive last night. But what do you expect from someone who never heard Rock and never probably danced a jive in his life! His moves were more samba style than jive style.

Then there was Sherri Shepard. I really didn’t like her Tango at all. It was too slow.

Who will be eliminated tonite? I don’t know?? After last week’s blind side with Jack Wagner, I cannot tell you who I think will be eliminated. I really think it should be Sherri or Gavin and maybe Gladys. But if some star cannot continue because of injuries it will change everything.