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On this Veterans’ Day where our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines fought for our flag and our right to be free, go figure that a
Federal Judge in California has ruled that school administrators had the right to order California high school students to remove displays of the American flag from their clothing on Cinco De Mayo. According to this article in the Daily Caller, the judge based his decision on a concern that violence could have resulted from the display of the American flag on the Mexican holiday.

The judge further said that the administrators at Live Oak High School were in the right to make students turn their American flag bearing shirts inside-out or else they would be sent home for wearing what they called “incendiary” clothing.

Excuse me, the American flag a symbol of “incendiary” clothing? This is America where Americans live, why would this be an incendiary symbol? But then of course this is California and most of the students are Mexican-Americans and probably belong to gangs who love to threaten violence to American kids.

Even though there was no violence occurring that day between Mexican-Americans and real Americans, the judge said that the threat of it was sufficient enough to ban the shirts.

So now it is illegal to wear American flag shirts on any day that is a Mexican holiday because it may disturb and create violence among the Mexican-American community. This is the problem, immigrants who live in our country are not asked to assimilate to our culture and give allegiance to our country. But if they would become citizens of this country, they would know that is part of citizenship to our country.

So I’m asking: What is our country coming to?