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As a writer, headlines are important to get readers to read your article. But when I saw this headline, I was shocked:

“Woman Accused Of Cutting Husband’s Penis In Court”

Does this article say that this woman was in court, attacked her husband and cut off his penis? Oh my gosh! How horrific is this crime. Those poor people in court seeing this action done must have left them mentally disturbed.

But no, when you read the article the woman did the action before she was in court. She is being charged with torture and mayhem.

Actually, the headline should have read: “Woman in court accused of cutting off husband’s penis.”

Where was the editor for this article? Sure it was sensational but come on it was also deceptive and untrue. That’s why I’m voting
this headline as the worse headline of the month. Sadly, the art of writing has hit a new low.