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Last night’s semi-finals on Dancing with the Stars was filled with great dances and drama, of course. William Levy danced the Tango and the Samba. Wow! Was his Samba hot, hot hot! As Bruno said his Samba was filled with bum-arama entertainment. He received a total of 58 for his dances.

Donald Driver danced a strong and lovely Waltz that Len said that he was rough, tough cream puff! That just about sums it up. His Samba had a cute story and he did well. He also received a 58 for his dances.

Katherine Jenkins was having a rough night last night. Her partner Mark misstep in their Quick Step lead to her misstep and her Salsa was terrific until she hurt her back. She was in tears because she couldn’t finish the performance even though it was at the end of the dance. I understand that she was getting back spasms and that was why she couldn’t finish her performance. First of all she probably wasn’t hydrating enough between dances and second of all her fabulous “belly dance” during the salsa was terrific but that would give anyone back spasms! Hope she can continue. With a day of rest and hydration along with a good massage and chiropractor I think she will be good to go. Unfortunately her total score was 56 the lowest for her this season.

Maria Menounos danced the Jive and Argentine Tango. The tango was good but I think some of her lines were not perfect enough. Also her Jive left me wondering what happened to all those sharp kicks and flicks. But the judges gave her a total score of 59, the highest for the night. She is a good dancer but I really think the men have it all over her. They are powerful but tender when they dance and she just seems to be like a rag doll in Derek’s arms where he can fling her around at will.

Bruno was feeling very generous last night. Out of the ten performances he gave out seven 10’s.  Carrie Anne was very picky and Len was just his grumpy old self.

Tonight we find out who will be eliminated. I once again must say that even though Maria has done very well, I don’t think she should be going to the finals. But then if Katherine cannot continue she may be eliminated and that would be a disaster.

Tune in tonight to see who is eliminated and I’ll give my opinion about it.

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars showcased ballroom and Latin dances for the six remaining stars. It seems that the Fox Trot was the headliner dance. Melissa Gilbert, Roshon Fegan and William Levy danced the Fox Trot with William Levy receiving the highest score of the night a perfect 30. Poor Melissa Gilbert messed up at the beginning of her dance and for that the judges gave her a 24. Roshon Fegan’s dance was simple and not very complicated but that was all he needed to do to get a 29 for his Fox Trot.

Donald Driver’s Tango was very powerful and he was very good, even Len liked it. His score was a 27.

The two ladies, Maria Menounos and Katherine Jenkins who is a wonderful performer, both danced the Viennese Waltz. Katherine’s waltz was excellent but the judges didn’t like it very much and scored her with a 26. However, Carrie Anne and Bruno loved Maria’s waltz but Len wasn’t impressed with it because it didn’t have the hold sequence that is required in a waltz – I totally agree with Len on that one, the dance was too theatrical for me. But Maria came out with a score of 28.

The second round of dancing was a lot of fun to watch and really showed the talent of the stars along with the professional dancers. It was a “trio” dance where a star danced with two other professional dancers. Right away I saw what a difference another professional dancer makes to push the stars to perform better. Melissa’s samba was sexy, hot, fun and she did a great job with Max and his brother Val. I also noticed that the height difference between Melissa and Max is obvious. If you pair her with Val, Melissa isn’t stumbling or trying to reach out of her comfort level but looks great paired with Val. Val isn’t as tall as his brother Max and seems to be the perfect height for Melissa. So if Melissa is eliminated, I would blame it on the producers who have in the past not paired the stars with a pro that is the same height as they are.

Donald’s Jive was great and he has really come into his own these past few weeks. I hope he hasn’t peaked too soon.

Roshon’s Pasa Doble was good but I liked the comment from Len when he said that he was watching two skinny fries chasing the ketchup bottle.

William’s Pasa Doble was also very good and had a good story line where he was Zorro coming to the rescue of the fair maiden.

Maria’s samba was more of a Bollywood type of dance and not really a Samba. Len didn’t like it and neither did I.

Katherine’ cha cha was fun to watch. I thought it got a bit too busy .But at the beginning of the dance a piece of her costume was caught on her leg. But Katherine being a great performer continued on and at the right moment that included a kick, she kicked it off.

The elimination night will eliminate two stars. This is getting really hard to predict. All the stars performed at their top of the game. My preference for elimination is Maria and Roshon. Many of the dances Maria performed were gimmicks and not true ball room dancing and as for Roshon he has worked very hard but not hard enough to win the “mirror ball” trophy.

I guess you have to be careful what you say to the judges when you are facing the dance elimination. Jaleel White made a comment just before the dance off about Len. He said, “Len is the old guy outside the grocery store who won’t give a kid any money!” Whoops!

As a result, Jaleel and Roshon were in the elimination dance and Jaleel did not get anyof the judge’s votes. He should have said instead of Len that all the judges on Dancing with the Stars won’t give a kid money. As a result, they all saved Roshon to come back next week.

Actually, Roshon did a good job dancing the Rhumba but I think Jaleel looked stronger. But when you give a “left-handed” compliment to one of the judges, you won’t get his vote.

Now there are only six left. The biggest surprise was that Melissa Gilbert was saved thanks to her fans. This is wonderful, hope she does a fantastic job next week so Maks can give the judges a hard time!

First of all, Dancing with the Stars should scrap the “classical music” night because no one could dance to it! Try dancing a rhumba to classical music that is made for a minuet, can’t do it! Granted Katherine Jenkins did an elegant job of trying to dance to this type of music but it fell short. But then the judges gave her a score of 27 all nines. Not bad.

Then there was Melissa Gilbert who danced the Argentine Tango to the “Marriage of Figaro.” Not an easy task. The judges didn’t like it all and gave her a total score of 21. Look, I think she did a good job. Her partner, Maks, has an injured ankle and they did the best they could have done. I know the competition is heating up but to dance to this type of music is lunacy! Unfortunately, Melissa got the lowest score of the evening. Are the judges looking to eliminate her? Are the judges targeting Maks again and blaming it on him for not creating a good dance performance? Their lifts and how they told the story of how another man wanted to take away the woman he loves from another man at the altar was very good. But no, Maks got dinged again and unfortunately, Melissa was the recipient of the judges’ bias.

Donald Driver danced the Viennese Waltz and did a good job. He received a score of 27. Jaleel White also danced a Viennese Waltz but I didn’t think the music he danced to was very “classical.” That gave him a slight edge and he scored a total of 27.

Roshon Fegan danced an Argentine Tango and Len said that his dance was clean and confident, I thought it was okay. Roshon was seeking help on how to be “a man” when dancing instead of a boy. Oh please, that is so hokey! His performance scored a 25.

William Levy danced a beautiful Viennese Waltz to “Ava Maria” sung by the most wonder prodigy singer of all time, Jacki Evancho. She was the highlight of the night for me because she is a beautiful operatic singer at the tender age of 12. She has been performing opera since she was ten years old. What a beautiful little girl who shows that she loves what she does. Hope she sings for a long, long time.

But back to William’s dance. It was lovely, lyrical and beautiful. The judges praised him but only gave him nines with score of 27. Go figure?

Then there was Maria Menounos and Derek. They danced a Paso Doble to some weird classical music. Maria was wearing fangs – OMG – and the story theme was that she was a vampire and bit Derek at the end of the dance. Nice and gimmicky BUT the judges loved it and gave her a perfect score of 30. No bias there, right?

The team dances were the Tango and Paso Doble. The judges gave team Tango a score of 27 and team Paso was scored a 26. Now I really think a Paso is more demanding and dramatic and I liked it. But then of course on team Paso was William Levey, Melissa Gilbert (that brought their score down because the judges don’t like Maks) and Donald Driver.

Tonight is elimination night. I predict Melissa and maybe Jaleel or Roshon will have to dance off to “please” the judges. But I think the judges have already decided to eliminate Melissa. Too bad, she was progressing very well.

I don’t know about you, but I just loved Dancing with the Stars last night! I love Motown and with such greats like Smokey Robinson, The Temptations and Martha Reeves singing all night, I was in “hog heaven!”

Granted Martha Reeves only sang one song – Jimmy Mac – I love that song because it brings back good memories. Maria Menounos and Derek danced a Fox Trot and as usual really good choreography but they did have a slight slip up at the end on the steps.

Smokey Robinson sang the most. He is famous for his smooth style and the stars danced a waltz and rhumba to his songs. I was glad that they featured him with his most famous song, “Tears of a Clown.”

But then “The Temptations” brought down the house with “My Girl”, “The Way you do the things you do,” and “I can’t get next to you.” Wow and double Wow! Loved it.

My gal, Gladys’ rhumba was first up. It was nice but not high caliber. You can tell she was happy being on last night’s show. But I’m afraid Gladys may be taking the “Midnight Train to Georgia” on elimination night.

Katherine Jenkins and William Levy were fantastic as usual. Donald Driver and Jaleel White brought their “A” game. Melissa Gilbert looked scared dancing her waltz but Carrie Anne told her that she was going in the right direction, whatever that means? Roshon Fegan’s rhumba was hot and sexy but there were too many jerky movements. He may not last another dance.

My prediction on the dance off tonight – Gladys Knight and Roshon Fegan.

Whew, just watching all that Latin dancing was hot, hot, hot! I enjoyed listening to Santana playing some of their hits during the show.

From the Salsa, to the Samba and Argentine Tango, the stars brought their “A” game to Dancing with the Stars. Except for a few – like Gavin DeGraw’s Samba. OMG! He was awful, out of control and even Len said it was more of a “Shambo” instead of a “Samba.” So right Len, first time I agree with you.

The top dancers, William Levy and Katherine Jenkins performed their Argentine Tango to almost perfection. They both received 29 out of 30. Donald Driver’s Argentine Tango was powerful but he had some technical issues and received a 27. He didn’t seem happy but I agree with the score.

As for the Salsa dancers, Melissa Gilbert, Roshon Fegan and Maria Menounos were good but not great. Maria received a 27, Roshon a 26 and Melissa a 21. I don’t agree with the judges scoring especially for Melissa. She had more technique than Maria did and Roshon was too fast and not really in control some of the time. Carrie Anne said that Roshon was sexy in a Disney way – what the heck does that mean???

The Samba dancers were Jaleel White – great dancing he got a 24 – Gladys Knight got a 22 and of course my buddy Gavin DeGraw.  I really hope Gladys comes back next week. The theme next week is Motown! I love Motown and all of its music. It would be a shame if Gladys misses that one.

Tuesday night there will be a dance off between the bottom two couples. My prediction will be Gavin DeGraw and Melissa Gilbert. Melissa will win and Gavin will be eliminated. Keep Melissa in the competition folks, she still has a lot of dancing left in her.

If this wasn’t a blind siding – made famous in Survivor – than I don’t know what is! The three stars who were in jeopardy last night were Gavin DeGraw, Gladys Knight and Jack Wagner. I was shocked to hear Jack Wagner’s name on the list. I thought he did an awesome Samba the night before.

However, poor Jack was eliminated last night from DWTS.  How come he was eliminated and Sherri Shepard is still dancing? I really don’t think her dancing is very good. True she has fans that probably voted for her but come on people she is no “twinkle toes”!

And Gavin DeGraw has another week to prove that he has no musicality in his dancing. How painful it will be to watch next week’s dancing.

Last night, Dancing with the Stars said goodbye to Martina Navratilova the tennis pro. As I said in my last blog she was dancing like a sack of potatoes but I thought with the judges giving her praises for her last two dances they may have saved her. But no – she is outta here!

I found it interesting that the three stars with the lowest scores were, Martina, Gavin (who I thought would have been the first one to go) and Roshon. Roshon is the youngest star and a Disney kid that seems to have an attitude to hip hop music and dancing. His partner Chelsea has a lot of work to do to get him to be a dancer. I think Roshon was shocked as well; maybe he isn’t as popular as he thought he was! He better step it up next week for the Latin dances or else he’ll find himself once again in the bottom three.

But then there is Maria Menounos who is Derek’s partner. She has two broken ribs but insists that she is all right and can continue on. You know she is Greek and Greeks are strong or at least that is what she says. We’ll see what happens. This may be the week of crying and tears for her to add to the drama of this show.

I was happy to see that Melissa and Maks are coming back. I hope the judges prove my theory wrong that the judges are out to get Maks. We’ll see as the weeks go on.

Watching the second week of Dancing with the Stars, I just couldn’t figure out why the judges gave Melissa Gilbert and Maks a 20 for their Quick Step? I think they did a great job and Maks pushed Melissa to try difficult steps. But they seemed to have a lot of criticism about the dance. Granted, she did slip but I’m sure it was because of her dress being so long. Or is it because they don’t particularly like Maks? You know about the kerfuffle he had last season with the judges, where Maks called the judges out on some of their scoring. Is this season retribution towards Maks? If so, that’s not fair to Melissa Gilbert. She is doing a great job in performing on her level and I’m sure in a couple of more weeks she will be dancing great.

Then there was Gladys Knight’s Quick Step. She did well for a woman “her age” on this dance. I hope she stays around a couple more weeks, I do like watching her.

Most of the other stars’ performances were good also but Mark and Katherine Jenkins are real contenders this season. Katherine is so cute, she is shy about moving her “naughty bit” but she performed!

Then there was Gavin DeGraw. Poor Karina, she has a dud this season. He is a singer and songwriter but has absolutely no musicality in his body! And wassup with that hat he wears all the time? I saw a tweet from a viewer and they were wondering what is underneath his hat? He’s probably bald and there is nothing under the hat!!

Tony has a lot of work to do with Martina Navratilova! It was nice to see her last week but this week she was nothing but a sack of potatoes dancing!

However, my prediction will be Gavin being the first to leave the show.