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I’ve visited Wisconsin once on my way to Ohio. Granted I was only at the airport but what I saw of the state as I flew over seems like a nice state. But the people there are weird! Here is one more proof of how weird they are.

An article in the Daily Caller, says that signatures of Hitler and Mickey Mouse are acceptable for the recall petitions for Governor Scott Walker. The Government Accountability Board reviewing the petitions unanimously approved a plan that would allow questionable names to be counted if they are signed within the circulation dates and have a proper address.

Are they serious?

They claim that all signatures are given the basic presumption of validity. So it may not be eliminated due to the fact that this is a valid signature on face value. Hello! There is no such person as Mickey Mouse and Adolph Hitler died a long time ago.

Then they go on to say, “We may certainly note fictitious names — if we note them on the petition we will flag them — but we will not strike them unless challenged,” added David Buerger, another petition reviewer co-team leader. “In the last round of recalls, you may recall, there was a person who signed Adolf Hilter’s name to a petition. Fortunately, they gave a Berlin, Germany address and so we struck it on that basis rather than on the basis of it being Adolf Hilter.”

So far the petitioners have collected more than 300,000 signatures. They need 540,200 signatures by January 17th. No problem,. I’m sure that the unions have a plan. After all there are the seven dwarfs who haven’t signed yet and of course there are the Star Trek characters, Jimmy Hoffa, as well as all the Brady Bunch. But then I’m giving these “cheese heads” some good advice.

I’m sure that Governor Walker will challenge all the names on the petition, if not, he is also a “cheese head,” no brain matter just cheese up there.