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During a post-Florida interview on CNN, Romney attempted to explain his focus as president would be to restore economic prosperity for America’s battered middle class but he also said that he wasn’t concerned about the very poor.

Now if you stop there, you would say, WHAT!

But you need to hear the rest of his comment. He said that the most indigent among us already have a generous safety net on which to fall back (welfare, SCHIP, Medicaid, etc), and that very well-off citizens are doing just fine on their own.

But what you will hear from the mainstream media as well as Democrats is that Mitt Romney doesn’t care about the poor!  Democrats’ entire strategy against Romney, if he’s the nominee, is to beat the class warfare drum loudly and relentlessly to try to drown out President Obama’s demonstrable failures.  There’s nothing that Team Romney can do to prevent Democrats from employing this cynical strategy, but their candidate should consciously avoid making his opponents’ job any easier.

It’s too bad that our politicians can’t say what they feel and probably what the average American feels without being excoriated by the media and the Democrat machine. I totally understood what he was saying because he is right. There is enough help for the very poor; unfortunately it is the taxpayers who are taking care of them. The middle class has the real problem – they make too much money for government help and not enough money to be able to pay for high prices, i.e. gas, health care, groceries, etc. I guess that’s why they call it middle class because you are caught in the middle and can’t get help or make enough money to pay for essentials.

As far as I am concerned this was no gaffe but much ado about nothing. But hold on – there will be more Democrat misquotes to come in the near future.