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True words from our President in an interview on CBS last night isn’t it? Obviously, he hasn’t fixed the economy. With all of his blaming everyone else but himself and his administration, you would think Obama would have chosen a better thought on this one.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air also says in his article that the Romney campaign put out a web ad today that uses Obama’s own words and says that is what Republicans have been saying all along!

The most recent CBS poll showed that two-thirds voters don’t have a clear idea why Obama wants a second term — including a majority of Democrats.  Romney scores with his preparation to lead on economic issues rather than make capitulationist statements about rough seas and stormy weather.  It may not quite be the same as Jimmy Carter’s malaise speech, which implied that the economic environment would never really improve, but Obama comes close in this interview.

Romney should put this on the air in Iowa right away.  Regardless of who wins the nomination, this should be seen over and over again for Republicans during the general election. In fact, all of Obama’s doom and gloom about the country and the economy should be the focal point of a lot of Republican ads with a counter attack of optimism from Republicans.

To see Romney’s great web ad click here.