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For several months we haven’t heard anything from Van Jones, the former Obama Green Jobs Czar who is also a well-known Communist. Because of Martin Luther King remembrance this weekend, he just couldn’t wait to crawl out of his hole to stir up the pot.

According to Katie Pavlich of TownHall, Van Jones has hit a new low by calling civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. the “original occupier” in an email to supporters of his “rebuild the dream” movement.

In part, his email said,” Rebuild the Dream members are hosting MLK Day Movement Meet-ups across the country to celebrate Dr. King — the original Occupier — and link the Civil Rights Movement with today’s struggle for an economy that works for all. There is a lot for us to fight for, and people are continuing Dr. King’s struggle every day in the 21st century. With a rising movement sweeping the country, let’s gather together and ask: What would Dr. King and other civil rights leaders do today? How can we continue their legacy in 2012 and beyond?”

Sorry Van Jones, I doubt King would approve of protestors defecating on police cars, shutting down businesses, costing taxpayers millions of dollars or vandalizing banks. Crawl back into your hole because smart Americans really know what Dr. King stood for and it isn’t what you want to sell.